Make a Great Decoration for a Simple Picture Frame

Maybe you also have a picture with picture frame hang on the wall or the pictures of your family, friends or your favorite decorate your four walls. Today, I would like to give you ideas on how to decorate your frames, whether hanging on a wall or standing on a shelf. We have found three ideas with which you can give your picture frame a cool deco.

Send as a decoration for the picture frame

If you want to focus not only on your picture, but also on the picture frame, then you can decorate it quite simply with the pattern of a chic border.You need these things:

  • Picture frame, also with passepartout
  • Borde
  • spray paint
  • scissors
  • Newspaper as a submission

For the picture frame, decorated with a picture, you lay out the first newspaper, or – better still – you go outside.If you have a picture frame with a passepartout and you want to decorate it, you can remove it from the frame.If you have a simple picture frame, it must also be separated from its components.The ribs cut it with the scissors for each side of the passepartout. If you only want to decorate a normal picture frame without a passepartout, then you cut the borders to the four sides of the frame.Then you can put the four pieces on the frame or the passepartout and arrange, because now it goes to the spraying.To do this you carefully spray the spray on the picture frame or the passepartout. Please make sure you spray the spray evenly.After some time, the spray lacquer is dried and you can remove the shelves. Tata: A great pattern now decorates your picture frame.

Picture frame decoration with elegant glitter

If you want to give your picture frame an elegant design, then you can also decorate it with glitter.This is not only very simple, but also makes something real.For the glitter picture frame, based on MabletonProducts, you need the following:

  • simple picture frame
  • possibly spray paint
  • Klebespray
  • Glitter
  • Newspaper as a submission

If you do not like the color of your picture frame in combination with the glitter decoration, you can also spray your picture frame in a different color and let it dry.You should, of course, underlay the newspaper to spare the environment of color.After that you can start with the actual decoration of your picture frame by spraying the glue spray.Spread the glitter discreetly and so evenly it goes over the picture frame with the glue spray, which fixes the glitter particles now.- And finished is a chic and elegant deco for your picture frames.

Needle as decoration for the picture frame

If you are looking for a rather unusual decorating idea for one of your picture frames, then the pins are the right thing for you!However, you should bring a little patience and time for this decoration.For the need decorated with needles you need this:

  • Wooden picture frame
  • pins
  • spool of thread
  • hammer
  • pincers

You start your pin-pin frame by cutting the needles with the pincers by about half.If you have done this, you can start hammering the individual pins into the wooden picture frame.The whole thing looks great when you try to create different patterns with the needles.Then take the yarn roll and knot the beginning of the yarn on a needle and then thread the yarn along the individual pins.In our Videoclip you can also look at it again.Finally, a pretty cool and unusual pattern decorates the picture frame on your wall.And that should be a reward for your patience with this decoration.