Maintenance of Sleeping Bag


When we buy a sleeping bag, we must understand that begins an inexorable cunta back of expiration of their qualities, through their use, washing, storage, and that only a proper maintenance of the same will not have to dispose of it before time.
If you already have experience, you know basically there are two types of fiber and feather or down, each with its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and prices; However, the maintenance is inherent in both.
A few simple tips of use to prolong the useful life of the SAC.


-The properties of the SAC deteriorate with compression. Modern sleeping bag covers, use a system of very useful tape compression to reduce size, and you can use it during your activity, but if you’re going to store, you do not compress the sleeve, moreover, do not store the bag in the case and hang it in a closet.
-Learn how to keep the bag in the case. Many people fold up and roll bag believing that they are adequately and with order. This is not so, since we cake fiber and/or down. Properly is insert the foot of the bag in the case, and go it putting in spiral form on it. This prevents that you folds are marked, and which do not take a discipline as in the procedure of bending/coiling ending damaging fiber, apelmazandola, creating lines with lack of insulating material and pointing out the tissue, causing the leakage of the heat and lack of thermal protection.
So, no:

So, Yes:

“American blankets” follow the same principle as sleeping bags. and are designated when the folds as if they were normal blankets, affecting filling in that area:

-Do not go to bed with the same clothes for use throughout the day if you can avoid it, meterás dirt in the bag, and your rest will be more uncomfortable.

-Usa linen bag (cotton, silk or whatever you prefer) that apart from increasing the thermal performance of the bag (up to 5 ° C more) will help keep more time I clean it and washes away. Each washing physically degrades both SAC as their thermal properties.

-Whenever we lift, we orearemos well the sack (hang it in the Sun with care), and Savannah in order to dry and sanitize it smells.

-When you have to wash it, should wash it, because dirty material besides being unhygienic, cakes and loses its technical properties. Respects the indications of labels, use the appropriate method, and above all, make sure to dry well dry before storing it.

-Use a bag with appropriate temperature ranges. Roast in a sack of winter during the summer is like not a wink, and leave dripping bodily waste bag, smelling a Malayan Tiger.


The element more critical and that most influences to make a sleeping bag to keep you well protected against the cold for many years, curiously is storage. To ensure a long service life, pay special attention when not in use.
Does not keep it your bag compressor if you’re not going to leave overnight soon. If you keep it saved, filling, either fiber or feather, it redeployed and tighten so that when you return it to expand, have become spaces unfilled that will allow heat generated by your body to escape through the lining.
The best way to store it is extended, is already hanging from a hook in the closet or extended above a flat surface. It should provide a bit of space so it will retain its shape, circulate fresh air and unpleasant odors or excessive moisture is not locked up.

If you already touch him because sleeping bag heated less than Miss Rottenmeyer, you should go to sleep with a gas mask, or it has been glued to the cover:
You have two options: hand or machine, and take it to the laundry.