Maillots De Bain Grande Taille Chez La Redoute

your curves are taken in hand! The swimwear slimming large, galbants but nevertheless trendavailable up to the size 62 and in addition promotionwill highlight on the beach this summer 2010
For all jerseys big size, you get to -50% on the purchase of the 2nd, and most are already on sale !

From 38 to 50 swimsuit 1 piece morpho-style La Redoute creation is -30% € 34.93. By marking your size, this black swimsuit with white cross stripes will make you look thinner.(photo 1)
A swimsuit sheathing 1 piece for make you a perfect silhouette is that of Anne Weyburn from 38 to 52 (photo 2)
However, if you want to hide your curves, a good solution is the dress-shirt Taillissime 42 at 62 : the swimsuit is integrated under the skirt to form the dress-shirt, women’s, and practical! The best way to draw her figure without too exposing her curves to -15%, or € 42.41 (photo 3)
In the same kind and in the same price range
Marianne James drew a printed tunic dress, to wear bare legs or pants to give it a look tunic, with its print “butterflies of the Islands” on background turquoise, she seduces us by her exotic perfume and its smoothness. Marianne James, this dress is “as light as a butterfly, it erases our curves and we sublime.” So to go absolutely in your luggage!(photo 4)
If you want to enjoy your belly from the rays of the Sun, bath La Redoute Creation separable minimizer bra is right for you. (photo 5) Associate at the bottom of your choice for a perfect set and a dream figure, as the shorty or the panties of bath separable slimming from size 38 to 50 and from €11.83, it will make you flat stomach with her plastron sheathing for good support. (photo 6)
La Redoute on MBAkecheng and its specialized brands in swimwear plus size take care of our curves and our wallets, let’s!