Luxury: Watches

The clock is often said to be the only accessory we men can wear it up in a neat way. And in the not-too-flooded Mr jewelry industry, I am willing to agree with. “your watch says who you are” is another cliche that moves in these contexts. Manolo invites here on two really great looking wristwatches in two totally different price ranges. Whether the clock says who you are, or if you combine it with other jewelry, so is a clock almost a must for all adult men. Not least in order to keep track of the time. And then I have taken with your high-tech mobile phone of the calculations.

Vintage Rolex Daydate 18 karat gold, 55 000 Danish kroner
I’m not too familiar with mechanical watches, so I went more to the look when I chose this model. So don’t ask me if its internal properties. I know that it’s a really nice watch, like that bite-tacky, that fit on the wrist. Woolhead has store in Copenhagen and dedicate themselves fully to the trade in vintage watches. On their website they show up the watches available in stores, but if you want to get your hands on any of the treasures may be heading across the channel.

And so a slightly cheaper alternative.
Calvin Klein, 142.50 dollars
Say what you want about Calvin Klein, but he is really good at lingerie and watches. His watches may not possess the same standard as a really lavish quality watches, but the design is certainly nothing wrong with it. This watch is made in brushed steel, something that really occurs to me in the taste, although I had not hesitated for a second to choose Gold if I had 55 thousand Danish kroner on your account. Then, I also like the sleek black dial. On this website you can also find other affordable watches from CK.