Luxurious Sweaters, Waist Bands, Long Boots and More

We have listed the main bets views in the São Paulo Fashion Week

The SPFW 2015 Winter shook the Villa-Lobos Park last week. Were 36 parades, many famous and, of course, a wide variety of trends for inspiration. To help you prepare for the next season’s wardrobe, we list below the six major stakes of fashion week. And, in the video, Mari Weickert showcases the best of FASHION WEEK by the look of famous fashionistas in unusual encounters in the halls.

Luxurious sweaters

The winter promises to be warm and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean he’s less glamorous. That’s because we saw on the runways a special attention to sweaters, with many embroidered (as in PatBo and on the other), mix of textures (bet the Pat Pat’s) and creative prints (like Juliana Jabour). The silhouette of sweatpants and modeling are surefire bets maxi for the station.


They are back. Before the fringe accompanied the bohotrend in 2015 winter they come much more sophisticated and voluminous, adorning kimonos (like Victor Dzenk parade), dresses (Reinaldo Lourenço) and essentially parts like in winter jackets and coats of Cavalera and Iódice.

Tracks on waist
The silhouette of the 2015 winter has the waist well marked, and we owe it to the tracks. They stole the scene tying dresses, sweaters and overcoats, as we have seen in parades of Animale, Giuliana Romana, Lolitta, Patricia Viera, a and Vitorino Campos. Good news for anyone who is a fan of the looks ultrafemininos!

Cropped top + skirt

When surfaced, a few seasons ago, the cropped tops were ousadíssimos and showed up to the belly button-type 90 years, even. Nothing democratic. This season, they are more discreet and leave only a faixinha the belly showing, combined with high-waist skirts or Bermuda maxi, as we saw in the Colcci. The pantsuits are high and the belts can help increase the length of the skirt.

Long barrel boot

Winter is the “official” station of the boots, and, this time, they’re more interesting than ever. The long barreled models were hit in parades and promise to win the streets on cold station of the year. But beware: the long barrel requires careful, since it can flatten the silhouette. See Tips for betting on trend


Turned mess! And that’s good. The walkways of the season bet on unstructured and misaligned, looks neat in asymmetry. Cracks, hollows, unpretentious and hybrid parts were successful on the catwalks.

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