Low Budget Watches For Men

For many men, the classic wristwatch is much more than a simple timepiece, it is one of the most practical and useful accessories in the world, sometimes also a status symbol. I am also the same, for me the clock is not just a means to the purpose, to know how late it is, rather the suitable watch for me to a good outfit simply with it.

When selecting the right watch you have to consider many criteria, the two most decisive being certainly the own taste and the available small money. With this blog contribution I would like to show you that a chic, functional watch does not always have to cost a lot of money. The men’s watches shown below all move in a price range of just over 50 € up to a maximum of 200€ and are designated by me as low budget men’s watches. I tried to find two watches of the following classification:

Men’s wristwatches with a stainless steel bracelet

Men’s wristwatches with a brown leather strap

Men’s wristwatches with a black leather strap

Casual, stylish wristwatches for lukewarm summer aficionados

And would like to introduce you briefly, as well as occasions, to which I think that one can wear watches of this type. Of course I am also happy about your assessments to the watches and / or references to other watches, which can fall into the Low Budget men’s watch division. As always, you can get rid of them in the comments.

I am also aware that I can not give you all the technical details about the watches, so you should be interested in it simply follow the respective link by clicking on the name of the watch.

Men’s Wristwatches With A Stainless Steel Bracelet

The wristwatches start with a stainless steel bracelet, which is particularly robust thanks to the material used, easy to clean and any length adjustable, which can be adapted to each wrist.

In my opinion the type watch which can be attracted without problems in the day-to-day business, but also in sporting activities make watches with a stainless steel bracelet, in my opinion, more sense than those with a leather bracelet, simply because they are many times more robust.

The watch on the left is an Invicta Mens Watch XL Automatic Stainless Steel 8926, which is based on a high-quality polished stainless steel case with a screwed, transparent housing back and a rotating bezel in one direction. In the clock itself, the automatic movement NH35A from Seiko is installed, which is characterized by a high speed accuracy.

The scratch-resistant mineral glass ensures that the black dial with date display and luminous markings on pointers and indexes is not easily damaged. The wristband of the watch is 22.2cm long and like the case also made of polished and brushed stainless steel with a diver buckle and a safety clasp.

The watch on the right is a Fossil Mens Watch Analog Stainless Steel brown Quartz FS4357, which I have for the past two years my own. I usually wear this watch in the office when I wear brown shoes. Because even with a watch applies, one should make sure that these are selected in matching to the shoes and the belt.

Compared to the Invicta mentioned before, the watch comes with a rather large dial and therefore falls alone. The stainless steel bracelet is as well as the case made of brown stainless steel, which is rather matte. A date display is unfortunately not available, the pointers and indices come gilded therefore, giving the watch a noble appearance. All in all I find the color combination of the clock very coherent, not too obtrusive, but somehow something special.The watch is waterproof up to 5bar and has a stop function.

Men’s Wristwatches With A Brown Leather Strap

With the men’s watches with a brown leather strap, one almost automatically chooses the choice of his shoes, at least in color. Just as you should adjust the belt color to the shoes, it is also with the color matching from leather strap to shoe color the case.

Due to the mostly very high-quality processed leather bracelets, watches of this type are definitely suitable for the business day. But also to casual leisure clothes one can wear these definitely, here plays then the size of the dials a role. In my opinion watches with leather strap and an oversized case just do not look too good. What kind of opinions do you have?

The Constantin Durmont Men’s Watch Calendar Analogue Automatic is visible in the photo on the left and is immediately visible through the combination of a golden case, a brown leather strap and a light dial. On the dial is not only a simple date display of the current day to see, the clock itself displays day, month and year, this can be seen in watches rare. The special feature of this chic piece is that it is an automatic watch, meaning it runs without a battery, it just has to be pulled up by hand before carrying it and keeps the movement moving by the natural movement of the wrist.Battery replacement adé.

The second watch, a Fossil Mens Watch Grant Chronograph Quartz FS4735 (right) comes a little less noticeable therefore. The case of the watch is less intrusive and makes the wrist watch very discreet.Nevertheless, it has an elegant and sporty look in high-quality design. Thus, the men’s watch is inspired by the simplicity of old watches and therefore has a very classic look. Roman numerals on a cream colored dial make it a stylish accessory in everyday life.

The only thing that hurts the watch a bit is when you look at details like the Roman numbers in the dial. For example, instead of an IV (for 4), Fossil has taken a IIII. Perhaps this is something to be done, as this is due to traditional symmetry. But look a few digits further to see the 9 an IV? In general, however, the number 9 is always written as IX on the basis of the subtraction rule. So you should ask questions about what an IV (4) should mean at 9 o’clock.

Men’s Wristwatches With A Black Leather Strap

The wristwatches with a black bracelet can be worn as well as the ones mentioned above with a brown bracelet in the business day as well as during leisure events. The color of the bracelet should also be chosen according to the color of the shoes and belts. From my own experience, I have to say, however, that I prefer brown bracelets, since these do not apply so hard and appear more restrained on the wrist.

The left watch, for my selection of men’s watches with black bracelet in the low budget range, is a Dugena Men’s Watch XL Premium Dessau Chronograph Quartz Leather 7000033. The Dugena has a chic, simple design, which is limited only to the essentials, the correct display of the current time.

The design of the watch corresponds to the Bauhaus style of classical modernism and is timeless. Both the date display and a stop function are available in the clock. The watch has two minor flaws, the hands and indexes do not light up in the dark and they do not use sapphire glass, but only a hard plexiglass to protect the dial.However, this does not harm the design.

The second watch (on the right) is the Junkers Men’s Wristwatch XL Bauhaus Ronda515 Analog Quartz Leather 60465, which also sets a minimalist, clear design with a view to the essentials. Perhaps even a tick more than the aforementioned Dugena. The Junkers is also inspired by the Bauhaus style, which makes the watch a classic and timeless piece.

The polished stainless steel case is water proof tested to 5bar, the watch is driven by a quartz-controlled Swiss Made movement Ronda 515. The cream-colored dial represents the time with Arabic numerals and minutes. A date display is also placed on the dial. Due to the flat housing, the watch is hardly noticeable on the wrist, which makes a positive impression when wearing shirts.

Casual, Stylish Wristwatches For Lukewarm Summer Aficionados

Let’s return to the slightly more casual examples in the area of ​​low budget men’s watches. These are more for the leisure time and should rather be worn less in the business day as they are very noticeable when you wear a dark suit and suddenly a bright watch protrudes. Would not be so mine, but also here probably again: taste thing! But honestly, when would you wear such watches?

The left watch is a Daniel Wellington Mens Watch XL Canterbury Analog Quartz Nylon 0102DW. This comes with a rose gold plated stainless steel case with a 4-fold screwed ground therefore based on THEELITESWATCHES. The scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the raw white dial with its sublime indexes and the polished hands. For attachment to the wrist is a blue-white-red striped Nato nylon strap, with a width of 20 mm, which is closed by a polished pin buckle with logogravure.

In a style similar to the Daniel Wellington, the Timex Unisex Weekender Slip Through Analog Nylon T2N746 comes with a blue-white-red striped textile fabric strap. A quartz movement is installed, the case itself is made of stainless steel. The dial is very simple in white, indexes and hands stand out black. For me one of the summer clocks par excellence, extremely casual, not too big and comfortable to wear by the textiles bracelet.

Your Opinion Is In Demand

Now you’ve met some low budget men’s watches, eight to be exact.Was there one you liked? Do you have an alternative suggestion for watches in the low budget area and what do you watch out for when choosing your watch? I am looking forward to your comments.