Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2012: The Importance of Prints and Color Camel

The collections of Louis Vuitton for this season are still pretty revealing the less. For his last collection, in the form of lookbook with fairly successful outfits, It has left us quite clear that it prefers to focus on three very basic aspects and develop the entire collection to winch them.

And in the light of the proposals submitted for the season pre-Fall 2012, camel tones and geometric prints in point the traveller look going to be their big three bets in the collection.

The camel makes an appearance in the trenches and the raincoats. Symmetrical cuts, adjusted figures and closures with buckle as final detail. Very 70’s for all those who like vintage fashion.

The Joint camel and navy It is still quite attractive. Camel in Chinese-style trousers combined with jackets Aviator style in dark blue tones that combine with the patchwork of leather pads.

Satin and sparkles They are also good allies if we want to make a game of textures with the camel as a basis. Tight cuts that enhance the figure.

Sport style also makes an appearance: urban style jackets with synthetic finishes that combine with sneakers…

… or if you prefer We can include you leather as the base material and enter finishes in collars and sleeves based on synthetic hair, angora or suede.

To the point, they prefer the estamapdos geometric and symmetrical point in trends oversized jerseys. Dark blue colors with Brown that invade the sweater and the cardigans…

… and move to the shorts and Bermuda in the collection.

Finally, this dress is with the padded vests and jackets of the firm. A military that softens with pastel tones and earthy style…

… and that again combines perfectly with the camel, as the color basic on which we will combine the rest of garments, and the point that in addition to being warm, gives much play with colours and forms.