Look with Jeans Perfect for a Walk with Friends

Are You Going To Walk, Travel, Have Fun? Look Beautiful Wearing Jeans Look.

Hello Readers,

The jeans is that more democratic fabric there. They are diverse pieces in jeans, and all of them are quite versatile, combining with different styles, physical types and occasions. And the best part is that they are always fashionable.

As jeans look good on many occasions, this would be no different for that walk with friends at the mall or in the park, where you do not need to make a super production, but it’s cool to be tidy.

Check out some looks offered by ethnicityology.com with perfect jeans to go out with friends:

The composition of printed or plain dress with jeans shirt open on top is very practical and romantic, great for a walk with friends. On the feet opt ​​for low shoes like slippers.

Jeans Shirt+Skirt
This look is very cool for a walk in the mall, it is very modern and beautiful. The denim shirt can be closed, or open over a shirt. The skirt can be more loose or tight. On the feet, the look looks great with sneakers and also with heels.

Jeans+Short Jacket
A very modern and stripped down jacket is the jeans jacket with shorts. On the feet, to complete the look can be used sneakers or unkle boots to give an even more modern look.

Short Jeans+Pantyhose
This composition is great for the coldest days and is also super beautiful. Combine short jeans and pantyhose with a blouse or t-shirt, footwear with closed shoes such as sneakers, sneakers or boots.

Skirt Jeans+T-Shirt
This is a very bare and practical look, great for a ride. With lighter tank top t-shirts gives a more alternative air, if the shirt is tighter, it becomes more romantic. On the feet look great with sneakers and unkle boots, if you choose the shirt wider, and a hop, if you prefer the look more romantic and tidy.

Obviously there are many options of jeans compositions. However, the combination with cardigan and sneaker is great, because it unites practicality, comfort and assembles a very romantic and neat look. Ideal for a walk with friends.

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