Logitech UE Boom 2 Test

The UE boom 2 is a 360 degree speaker that stands for excellent sound. He can score but also with its weather resistance and therefore also serves as the outdoor unit. Isabel, Linda and Torben took the speakers from this point of view under the microscope.


The unpacking of the UE boom 2 is a pleasure: delivered a big role, in which itself then the speaker itself, a USB cable, a power supply plus German adapter and an additional second, I believe UK, and also a safety manual. The UE boom 2 is not very large, even smaller than a 0.75 l bottle, but I was surprised that with their very high weight (something over 500 grams). Yet she lies well in the hand and is comfortable to wear around or put in a pocket.


The knobs on the speakers had to I first search and embarassingly even the Internet question, since I – attention, now come – not found the volume control buttons. No joke! So, briefly looked up, and hand in front of the head, and here are the obvious: the on / off switch as well as the Bluetooth button is located (upright made to) on the top and the volume keys are big plus and minus buttons on the long side. J, this is not just decoration and cool look, but also purpose. But once found out, all keys can be operated super. On the bottom (upright made to) the UE boom 2 is a double strap that closes the USB on one side (there is also an LED attached, white or red depending on the on battery charge level the / Flash) and on the other side of the 3, 5 mm jack.


Super fast is the start of the speaker (I had studied the safety instructions Yes first unsuccessfully and almost taken apart the whole speaker): just press the a button on top, then he, what with a relatively loud sound also heard himself can be. To the nice thing now via Bluetooth using a laptop to connect tablet or Smartphone, must be simply kept the Bluetooth button and then paired the device itself through the device. And, tadaa! It works! Music, movies or YouTube videos come out in a very good quality of the UE boom 2! With any of the devices I’ve used (Smartphone, Tablet and laptop) I had problems during playback. In addition the device automatically connects to almost the last known devices, so only the first connect takes a (very) short period of time.

Because I had read that the app by UE boom is good and you should download it himself on his Smartphone, if you own a Smartphone because, I just did that. First I have turned the sound off, because they can be in their volume unfortunately not regulated, but always loud. Otherwise, the app is super easy and clearly designed. You can find there for example instructions for the operation of the speaker, also 2 which I played on it came at me first is an update to the UE boom. The battery can be also seen, but no percentage figures. This can be done simply by pressing both volume buttons at the same time, and already you hear a posh voice saying on the current battery level.


The sound of the UE boom 2 is fantastic in my opinion! No noise or similar vocally, but simply a good, loud sound that much fun. Also the bass is very good and brought me in the test of water in the sink to the clanking the dishes. The volume is also fantastic and it’s really loud in my opinion if you “turn on them until it stops”. So no complaints! To pause songs, you can knock the UE boom 2 on the top with your hand / blow away; to skip a song to do that twice in a row. At the beginning of not quite worked out for me, but now I’m actually quite fine.


The water resistance and the shock was what interested me almost the most. I had to really feel free to hold the chic thing under water or throw because I me have tears have seen before a broken device but far from on the ground: that will definitely UE boom 2 what it promises! A water bath and falling on hard and soft ground made her absolutely nothing! Only dirt and grass were after falling on the ground to see but thanks to water resistance I could wash out again, and she looks still tip top and shows no traces of my disastrous treatment!


To the specified range of up to 30 meters, I must say that the box with me at about 10 meters had abortions. But I think that should do it, if you have for example his laptop in the House and listens to music with the box on the terrace or in the garden (I had closed the doors for me). When you’re on the road, its Smartphone Yes mostly eh always close with him, E.g. in the Pocket, so I see really no problems with the range.


The battery of the speaker can last very long. He did several hours (about 5) charge approximately 50 percent, before it had to be recharged. It took then approx. 2 ½ to 3 hours.


All in all I’m super glad that I was able to test the UE boom 2! I had previously no Bluetooth speaker and have to say that I’d here miss this in any case, if he were no longer there. I have no comparison to other wireless speakers, would continue but still definitely recommend the UE boom 2, because I am really very happy with her!




Appearance and packaging

The black, cylindrical packaging of the box inside a white-colored cardboard sleeve that can easily Strip themselves. The black plastic packaging looks high quality, but of course is topped by the box several times. The packaging folds centered on himself, then the box is embedded in a page. The other side of the package can be opened again once again, there is the yellow charging equipment which consists of a micro USB charger cable and a modular power supply located next to the piece of paper with important notes. The box is also cylinder-shaped like the packaging. You sits comfortably in the hand and is not too large or too heavy for my small hand. The color of the box (red) I like and large, where she could be still red for my taste. However, the color is a matter of taste and there are Yes enough colors to choose from. The material seems to be adequate for the price and I also like. On the smooth side of the box a volume up and volume down key are stored in the form of a blue/turquoise plus and minus. The power button and the button to the forth position of the Bluetooth connection is located at the top of the box. Both can shine white when switched on the box. The power button lights up when low state of charge (approx. below by 20 percent) red instead of white. At the bottom provides the opportunity to screw up the unit on a tripod. The box has a a micro USB interface to load and an aux input. This is beneficial, because first of all older devices do not always have Bluetooth and you can reach a better sound quality second to the part as via Bluetooth (but no big difference I noticed in the box here).


Performance and operation

The box arrived with about 50% battery capacity and was therefore immediately tested. The first impression was: Wow! It is noteworthy that comes for a sound out of this small box. On and off turn off the box and connect the box via Bluetooth the UE boom makes 2 different sounds. The box can be operated with the corresponding app UE boom. There you can connect two devices together, Furthermore, the app offers an equalizer, a wake-up and a party mode. In addition, you can update the device with her what happened with me the same as first. The connection via Bluetooth worked quickly and flawlessly through Apple (iPod) and Android (Samsung Galaxy S5) and the app ran in both systems without any problems. My S5 I’ve linked function over the NFC, this worked perfectly, as well as the connection to my laptop (Lenovo). A few other things like customer service or the user manual can be found as well in the app.


The operation of the box is simple and was quite intuitively. I needed not look before in the operating instructions, to switch on and connect. However, reading the manual has its advantage, because through this I learned from the ability to control the box via tapping. Single tap on the box stops the current song, again unique tapping further runs it. The current song will be skipped by double tapping on the box. This is basically a great function if you just not the iPod or the mobile phone in hand, to control the box. But the thing with the knocking is difficult but somewhat. Neither I nor my girlfriend had the luck that it always worked right off the bat. It has been quite firmly “cut to”, tapping is not enough there. To stop the song worked almost always after a few attempts, but skipping was detected only as single knock through the box, so she stopped the song instead of skipping it. I would revise this point and I wonder why not here just two buttons similar to have been attached the volume up / down buttons.


The charger could be put together easily and fully charge took then about 2 hours. Then the box on medium volume ran around a whopping 17 hours! I like also, that you can see the battery level in the app or is by pressing the volume up and volume down key say to me can leave. The box sounds good outdoors as well as indoors and may be due to the small size really anywhere to be accepted. I have tested the speakerphone in my car and felt good. Audio books sound good on this box. My music, including a variety of music styles from pop, rock to rap, sounded more properly.


Conclusion and recommendation

Overall, I am very positively surprised by the UE boom 2 and would definitely recommend it. Here you can really get a good box, you confidently anywhere can take without hesitation, since it is shockproof and waterproof. She is what you would expect from a small box, so not necessarily real loud, and it has a very good battery life (up to 17 hours). With me this little box of wonders running any day now and is not lacking in the summer on the beach certainly.




The UE BOOM 2 by ultimate ears, a trademark of Logitech, is a wireless, portable 360-degree Bluetooth speaker which I tested for two weeks. That were tested UE BOOM 2 in conjunction with an iPad air (iOS 9.2.1), with the mobile phone Motorola Moto G of 2nd generation (Android 5.0.2) as well as with a Samsung Galaxy tab Tablet 4 8.0 + LTE (Android 5.1.1). Still stood an Apple MacBook Air (mid 2013, OS X Yosemite 10.10.5) and a Lenovo laptop (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SP1) available.


Packaging and delivery is supplied the UE BOOM 2 in a round black plastic box exterior is wrapped with a white cardboard background. The packaging looks classy. “Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad” on the bottom label supports specifying the design basis of the packaging to the Apple devices. The carton label and plastic packaging are sealed with two transparent stickers. After the unseal let the plastic packing from the carton label. The plastic packaging can with embossed UE logo in the middle fold is lengthwise. In the right half of the UE BOOM 2 is housed, in the left half of a further cover is revealed, among which are the power supply with two plugs (“Duckheads”), a micro – USB cable and a manual.


Size comparison:


A standard 500 ml beverage can is 168 mm high and has a diameter of 67 mm also. Thus, 2 their dimensions of height of 180 mm and its weight of 548 g corresponds to the UE BOOM in approximately a 500 ml beverage can. Who is more familiar with beer in half-liter bottle, has a size comparison in the adjacent image. Because the housing was constructed the UE BOOM 2 according to protection class IPX7, which means protection against temporary immersion is to can survive the speaker a dive up to 30 minutes at a water depth of up to one meter according to manufacturer’s instructions. The two 45-mm installed speakers have a frequency response of 90 Hz-20 kHz. The maximum sound pressure level is specified with 90 dB(A), which is already properly loud. Comparison:, a machine operator in an industrial firm should wear hearing protection from 85 dB(A) in order not to endanger his health. The integrated lithium-ion battery to offer after a charging time of 2.5 hours a term of up to 15 hours, of course depending on the set volume level and ambient temperature.


Audio playback you can connect UE BOOM 2 via Bluetooth (A2DP) or NFC (active) with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. While the speaker can store up to eight Bluetooth connection profiles. The range of the Bluetooth connection should be up to 33 metres according to the manufacturer’s website, the indication on the packaging speaks of 30 m. Alternatively can via a 3.5 mm jack plug to the audio playback connect are. In addition, you can use 2 as a handsfree mobile phones that support the Bluetooth hands-free Protocol HFP 1.5, the UE BOOM. The manufacturer offers a warranty of two years.



Although she use ü BOOM 2 with a Bluetooth device without the app, I can only recommend to install the app, since the speakers will include features, such as remote controlled switch, gesture control, equalizer, alarm clock, to upgrade the speakers firmware 2 cogeneration equipment, as well as the possibility. In addition, the speaker name displayed on the mobile phone and the language can change the battery charge and alert tones, one – gesture control messages and turn off. Commissioning

Before I test the first coupling tests between the UE BOOM 2 and the available test devices, I do charge the UE BOOM 2 completely the battery. As in the instructions, no claim is made to load time or the capacity of the installed battery, I must rely on the specification in the technical data on the manufacturer’s website. There is that the integrated lithium-ion battery should have a charging time of 2.5 hours.


Charging the battery the power supply I put together with the EU-plug adapter (“Duckhead”). A brief search on the Internet reveals that the other Duckhead (type G) in the United Kingdom can be used. Information, were unfortunately to find both in the instructions and on the packaging. The UE BOOM 2 is charged with the power supply unit via the supplied USB cable. This works to the flexible flap upwards and put the plug in the micro USB charging socket. While charging is in progress, a small point blue LED on the micro USB charging socket of the UE BOOM 2 light blinks. Once the charging process is complete, the blue LED lights up permanently. The first charging process lasted over two hours.


Pair UE BOOM 2 with devices

The coupling attempt with the iPad air is immediately successful: A short drum roll sounds from the speakers. The Bluetooth button is pressed for approx. 3 seconds, an another drum roll sounds and the LED of the Bluetooth button will Flash blue. The iPad is the UE BOOM 2 shortly thereafter. Music, for example through the Apple can be playing your own app “Music” without the installation of the app. The app from the Apple app store is installed and then immediately updated the firmware of the speaker. With the updated firmware, now also the Android mobile phone and which can be easily pair UE BOOM 2. The coupling experiments with the MacBook Air, Lenovo laptop and the Samsung Galaxy tab 8 work just fine.


Audio playback

To play music, the main task is the UE BOOM 2 certainly for many users. I’m testing the speakers with different audio formats (MP3, FLAC, WAV). The music was cast into FLAC and WAV format without loss with the highest settings (940 to 1410 kbit / s). My first test songs are “Thunderstruck” and “Hells Bells” from AC/DC, then ‘summertime’ by Ben Webster. At the sound I was hoping for something more but, so I feel the bass the UE BOOM as not fed enough, the Middle notes are too shallow and the heights sound for me too tinny, the voices muffled. ‘Loud’ he can, but for my taste it has to do without the sound.


In another test, served the UE BOOM 2 as a speaker for the Internet radio and dudelte in the background. Fit the given 15 hours of battery life and the speaker keeps through just about two days on weekends. Enjoy listening to music I’m not with the UE BOOM 2 However, but in conjunction with an Internet radio station, the speaker is then on the rooftop to use. Surrounded by wind and the speaker is made acoustically but what the sounds of a city. I can confirm the specified Bluetooth range of 30 m, and the speaker will have his application on our large roof terrace.


The weatherproofing and ruggedness is a handy feature for a rooftop speakers of course. The hands-free function of the UE BOOM 2 actually works, we should not expect miracles, it sounds just as pretty dull as the hands-free system in the my car.



What expectations do I have a speaker? First he must sound good if he has finally also an attractive design, so this is great. The UE BOOM 2 so it is: packaging, design and material are “hui”, the Sonic rest 2 UE BOOM was expecting I some more. As the target group for the UE BOOM 2, ultimate ears and Logitech seems seems to have chosen people must be used for the only loud music. What ultimate ears on the own website under himself writes, I can nonetheless confirm: “We believe that the best in life can be still better so also our speaker.” – in this sense, I wonder whether it will be a UE BOOM 3 and then sounds like it.