Lock All USB Ports on Your Computer

Removable devices are used on several different computers, so they are more likely to be contaminated by viruses and other malware. With that in mind, the USB Port Locked has arrived, which leaves the USB ports of your computer locked, and can only be opened with a password.

USB Port Locked increases the security of your computer.It can be useful for network administrators as well as for those responsible for publicly accessible sites for small computers.

The software has almost no space.It is only 1MB and does not require installation.In addition, it locks the USB ports in one click.

The program is already protected with a password that can not be modified.The password is “Unlock” (without quotation marks and with the same capital U).You must enter it in all runs of the application.

Protect USB ports

Type the password in the appropriate location. If a device is connected at the time the application runs, it will not be locked at this time.The port will be locked at the next connection.

In the main window, a lock icon indicates the current protection status, whether the doors are locked or not. Use the “Lock USB Port” button to lock the ports or “Un-Lock USB Port” to unlock them.

To close the program, just click “Exit”.Even though it is closed, the doors remain locked.

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