Lingerie For Pregnant Women Of Liz On Sale In Shops Of Zazou

In addition to maternity fashion, the Zazou stores also sell other products that pregnant women need to be very comfortable, as an area with just Lingerie specialized for pregnant women, with a modeling that will provide you with the convenience and comfort you need, the best brands and models we’ve selected carefully in this segment, as is the case of Liz, and their lines Gestate and Birth.

We still have the macaws of the shops several options for pregnant and post-partum pantiesmatching and making sets.

In the line of breastfeeding, which logically can you buy and use before during the gravidz, has somedetails of modeling that are important you take care in choosing, like the wider handles and larger bulgeto take your larger breasts because of the milk, as well as mostly the front opening, to ease when breastfeeding as is the case of these two different models in the photo below, each with your type of opening, the handles (left), or in front of the bulge itself (right).

All these models and several others in various colors (including black, white, skin color, pink, etc)are available for your choice in stores of Zazou in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as MaternityGuides