Lindy USB HDMI Adapter

Macitynet tests two accessories Type-C Lindy’s, a Hub with 4 USB 3.0 ports and an adapter that allows to connect a HDMI monitor or projector.

USB 3.0 Hub

Lindy is a German company, historical worldwide connectivity, networking cables, and components. In the past years its accessories were a safe purchase for the excellent relationship between quality,

Features and price. Lindy normally is also one of the first companies to embrace the new standards and was thus also for Type-C. In the past few months have appeared, in fact, Lindy’s website but also on Amazon that has numerous products Lindy sale, accessories compatible with the new standard.

Among these, we had the opportunity to briefly try a 4 port USB 3.0 Hub that puts at the disposal of anyone who has a computer with door Type-C and maybe (as in the case of the MacBook 12 ″ Retina) no traditional, and a connector to attach any device, mainly monitors and projectors, HDMI to a door Type-C.

Type-C Hub with 4 USB Ports

The Hub is sold in a cardboard box containing a small instruction manual and although it seems to be at first sight identical to many competitors made in China, we can say that it is not. Aluminum is stouter, larger size and the spacing between the doors is most comfortable for you. The difference of materials is also apparent from plastics, especially from cable that is covered with a rubber hose and good quality.

Like the other accessories of this type, not fed, the Hub must not be put under stress by connecting too many devices. It is able to draw up to 900 mAh; its ideal use is thereby that the earmarks the buyer to connect a mouse, keyboard and some USB, from unwire to download some files from a photo or video camera, or to read data from a hard drive through a backup or just moving them out of other USB sticks.

During our test the hub is able to reload, albeit slowly, but it’s obviously not a iPhone this 6s Plus an accessory of this type. In fact, since the MacBook 12 ″ has one port Type-C use it to connect the Hub and use the Hub to recharge an iPhone would be a waste of energy because the charging current from the battery will be taking your Mac. More interesting is the fact that it is able to communicate properly to synchronize; This means that while you are working you can connect an iPhone to make it communicate with your Mac, and at the same time keep connected, such as, a tumbler.

Type-C HDMI 3.1 USB Adapter

Little to say about on USB adapter to HDMI C type 3.1 4 k. This accessory attaches to door Type-C on Mac and sends a video stream to a projector or monitor compatible. The exit door is an HDMI female, therefore compatible with a standard very common, which gives video a risoluzione 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz maximum

Even here the materials, as in the case of the hub, are of good quality, connector and adapter shell are well made and give the impression that the manufacturer chose suppliers that guarantee a high level of robustness and look. Instead of Hub but we are dealing with a common product that does not differ greatly from the design from other products of this type that we already had in her hands.

The problem with this adaptor, as of others with the same functions, is that it does not have a plug Type-C for charging on the computer. In practical terms, or you have a laptop powered by another port Type-C or from a different system, or you can use the adapter for your time will allow your laptop battery. This is certainly the case of someone who has a MacBook 12 ″ Retina that has a single port Type-C occupied which with type C HDMI 3.1 USB adapter for 4 k, you will be forced to suspend the display of content when the battery has been depleted.


Altogether these are two products manufactured in the tradition of Lindy, which aims to give its customers functional accessories, responding quickly to new requirements coming from the spread of new technologies.

We especially appreciated the USB hub for construction and functions. C0llegare allows traditional USB devices USB keys and hard drives, keyboards, mice, and can also be used to sync an iPhone or an iPad.

The adapter for HDMI 4K is functional for the connection of a monitor, but for Apple users is limited by the fact that lacks a Type-C input port and occupying with it the only Type-C port, which also serves in Mac for power, you end up completely dependent on the battery. This is true even for the USB Hub, but in the case of connecting a monitor or projector, it becomes unthinkable to disconnect the Mac in the middle of watching a work to recharge the battery while it is always possible to connect and disconnect a USB device using it for the time necessary.

Obviously all of these limits will disappear when the Mac will have two or more Type-C ports, and you can keep charging the battery at the same time connection of a device.

The Hub Type-C with 4 USB ports costs 45 euro directly from Lindy (shipping included). The Hub costs 35 € (always including shipping). Amazon is a wide range of Lindy products.