Light Shoes on Trekking Tours

On trekking tours, walking mostly in stout footwear to provide optimum support to the foot in difficult terrain. Trekking shoes are heavy and only partially breathable, feet can be there (especially in warmer climates) ever-sweaty and bloated in the evening after tens of kilometers. So take off your shoes , and with the bare feet in the cold River or Lake!Unfortunately, you can walk everywhere and on any surface barefoot, therefore the most hikers have a pair of shoes or Sandals in the luggage.

Are a good choice here, certainly Teva Sandals. This particularly robust sports adapt individually Sandals thanks to multiple adjustable velcro straps on the foot. We have also good support if you have forded a river times. Due to its design Tevas naturally offer an excellent ventilation of the feet and are also quite easily. The packing size is quite alright because you can pack the Sandals very flat.
Learn more about Teva Sandals can be found on the manufacturer page. The mountaineers also have a larger selection Teva footwear and sandal on offer.

Also, Crocs, such as are very practical off road model. They are very convenient since the material adapts to warming of the shape of the foot, as whicheverhealth indicates. Crocs are made PCCR (proprietary closed-cell resin), are waterproof and non-porous, so that bacteria and fungi cannot easily seize. For the off road you can adjust also the heel strap, so you can wear it in the water. The properties that they dry a very quickly if they are getting me wet are certainly great advantage of Crocs , on the other hand, they are very easy. However, the pack size is problematic because the shoes don’t really compress can be and are doing quite wide.
All Crocs models can be found on the page of the manufacturer. The mountaineers also here offer a wide range in their shop.

Light sneaker tours suitable less on trekking, because they really thoroughly ventilate the foot, nor dry out quickly if they are once wet. Who really want to do what good his feet eh barefoot running through a freezing Mountain River, and at the same time a lot of weight in the Backpack saves.

Personally I drag with my Crocs now always on tour, where I me however repeatedly over the dam… Pack size do. Because the shoes are then also have times simply outside attached backpack.