Light Decoration: Leds Deliver Trend Colours-At Your Fingertips

Mood swings are not for everyone. But it brings together the generally rather negative occupied term with change of mood in living rooms, then the thing in a completely different light appears. In the truest sense of the word. As moods in living areas with coloured light magic, which are (almost) as diverse as life. Small lights and lamps of different form, are equipped with coloured and white LEDs make it possible.

That can be long and narrow ball or flat as a flounder. And they can be placed according to taste in the shelf to the floor, chest of drawers, table or under the bed. Can about the cosy corner for relaxing chill out in soft Orange tones are dipped or a pink noise make the princesses dream girl birthday party. Red shelves next to the electric guitar in the teen room come right even much rock in appropriate light colour. And who once again told to a retro party which can put the plate screwdriver with cool, dimly lit green or blue tones in scene.

About Philips offers various models from light series such as LivingColors or Imageo. For example round “mini LED lights” with a whole range of colors that are easy to adjust by touch of color ring on the lamp. Or LightStrips with side by side arranged LEDs that can be mounted behind the mirror or picture frame.

And when it comes, currently the new year’s Eve party atmosphere more crudely or stage the sparkling wine-blessed round with many stripes, then also LED accessories in the game can go that used not only because of their color bent to celebrate bright joyous bottle cooler such as coasters for the moonlit drink. A decoration Fireworks so to speak, with the one sustainable conjures up in the new year.

You can see there are basically hardly limits to design creativity. But now first time directly and fully flexible, we examine the light intensive before Christmas day, heading into its climax by leaps and bounds.