LG Teaches Us The Benefits of The G Pro 2 with Mode Camera Focus Magic

One thing that I’ve always taken much less mobile is its ability to make strong blurs. Even in macro, find it hard to find models that are capable and in the end I have to resort to using my CSC. It is also true that technology is slowly improving and best results are achieved.

LG seems to me has heard and not only that: in the software of their new top of range, LG G Pro 2, will introduce a new firing mode which will allow us to change the focus of our images at will after we have taken the photograph.

Thus it may sound a little confusing but we think in two examples that we all know: the Lytro camera technology and technology PureView Nokia software. We do photo and then we can change at will the focus point.

Has it not been clear? LG has released a video showing the system in operation. I’m curious to see is filtered when the ROM G Pro 2 and, by extension, the apk from the application of the camera to check to what extent depends on the software or if you also have something to do beyond resolution sensor,.

Finally will more manufacturers continue this way? Personally I am a little bored with the shooting modes that the manufacturers bring and although they are useful to those who are already classics, as the panoramic, others are quite dispensable and applications such as Snapseed or VSCOCam offer much more value.