LG G3 Brand Records Confirming That Already Working on His New Star Smartphone

It seems that it will not arrive in time for the next Mobile World Congress 2014, where Yes we will see the new Samsung S5 Galaxy. However, LG will not long to his compatriots and main rival to storm the high end market, as the Koreans have been proposed to compete you to you in this 2014 after the good reviews that have received their latest devices.

So, LG is already working on his G3, It would come in the spring in dates close to the device star Samsung, while obviously will be presented later, we assume that throughout the month of March.

LG has already registered the trademark G3 in the category of phones of the filed, the Patent Office of the United States, so it leaves no room for doubt with regard to how its new top of range, which for the moment few data we know will be called.

It is rumored that you have 3 GB of RAM memory and next-generation hardware to give life to a screen that will grow up to the 5.5 inch QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels). Again the focus will be in its design, minimizing the frames, although not expected to take still the new Flex G self-repairable housing.

Of course, will come with Android 4.4 and It is rumored that with fingerprint scanner, a specification that appears to see much this year. We have one of the devices that most promise after apparently with the G2, so we will remain vigilant to what LG go teaching about their new flagship.