LG G2 Is Updated to Android 4.4.2 Implemented ART… for The Time Being in Korea

Yes, it had been announced a couple of weeks ago, and here is the update to Android 4.4 KitKat for the acclaimed LG G2, terminal star of the Korean firm. However, you do not run yet for your G2, and it is only update has been released for the time being for the Korean model of the device.

Interesting thing is in the capture that we show you below, and is that LG if implemented the support to the new virtual machine ART, I will have to choose from the menu of development at the expense of the usual Dalvik.

It is something that we had only seen in the Motorola and the Nexus, and that Samsung, which already launched few days ago its own firmware based on Android 4.4 for its main devices, forgot to implement ART by leaving out one of the most interesting improvements of the latest version of Android.

For those who don’t know Android RunTime, suffice it to say that It is the new virtual machine that Google has designed to replace the Dalvik operating system, improving with her fluency in running applications, as well as their consumption of resources, but to use it seems that these applications tend to consume more memory internally installed.

We therefore hope that this is the final version of the update from LG, and that users of international markets to try and choose which virtual machine to use on their devices.