LG G Pro 2 Will Put All The Meat on The Spit of The Multimedia Section

LG nothing has happened by high on their way to the assault of the high-end, and if the G2 garnered critical acclaim, its next flagship LG G Pro 2 seems to no longer need cracks, at least as far as multimedia possibilities referred to in.

We are dangerously closer to the Mobile World Congress 2014, and thus leaks occur everywhere. A couple of days that we were told by advances in the camera that would mount the new device for LG, and now assail us with good news about their sound.

Depending on some Korean media, the new G Pro 2 will feature a main 1 W speaker, a power which at the moment has just been in the smartphone market. In addition, LG has believed that it is best to Polish the sound the most complete gourmet experience to enjoy with their phones, implementing an improvement of bass that gets up to 30% more power and clarity than seen so far on LG devices.

Not miss the appointment Smart Listening, a proprietary application designed to control the balance of the audio output from the G Pro 2. Refers to a sound even more than the the HTC One, the only smartphone that so far has surprised us in this aspect.

The Korean firm boasts multimedia possibilities, and we enhance the impatience with each filtering that we see on the new LG handset. We hope to see it and bring you details of Barcelona at the end of this month.