Leggings, Stockings, Tights & Co. In Large Sizes

For Us Curvy Women, It Is Almost Impossible To Get Leggings, Tights And Stockings In Large Sizes In “Normal” Shops.

And here I mean up from size 48. If I (size 50-52 untenrum) wanted to order, but needed immediately new leggings, I went to H & M. There, I had mostly good luck and got a simple black leggings from cotton with spandex for little money.

The disadvantage was that I me after a couple of times wearing had scrubbed up.

Now, I discovered an online shop travelationary offering a good selection of tights, stockings and leggings (even in different colours!) up to size 62: socks – exclusive hosiery and underwear

Tip: to make sure the stocking pants and stockings buying, always a dress size to order them as you usually carry higher is generally, then the sit more comfortably and better. Nothing is worse than a pantyhose high forever again must lug the woman and whose step slips up in the backs of the knees.

Here a little insight:

1. NET Stockings Size XL-6XL

Currently in stock from size 52 to 62 in the colours red, black and white, only 7,-euro

2. White Stockings, 20 The And Opaque (60 The), Size XXL (62)

20 in black, black/red or champagne, opaque in 60den;by Glamory (which seem to replace the bankrupt received manufacturer Levée) 15.90 euro

Styling Tip: when stockings should watch out for a wide lace top, otherwise the stockings slip down quickly.

3. Stockings Size 62

also by Glamory, 20den with wide lace top, deluxe version for 16.95 euro

4. Tights In Larger Sizes

-by Glamory, in makeup, black and complexion, as had size 62 in 20 the 8.95 euro

-by 30den, Ergora in 20den and 60den (opaque), in diamond, Pearl, and black, size 44-62, for only 4,-euro!

Good: these are matt, what personally like me better with sturdy legs.Shiny structures allow us to look after a few kilos more, which is also in clothes so.

5. Now, BB´S Is Hot: Ouverte Garter Tights XL-6XL

Nothing for weak nerves 😉 – ouverte tights are – as the name suggests – the step up over the bottom open.

What can be sometimes useful… But think not only on this one – a huge advantage of these things: If woman must visit the pirate box, she needs not the whole tights Rauf to dragged down – and later, it actually works.Without take off! Ingenious and practical.

Also useful for women have problems with plastic materials (polyester/nylon) at the bottom. The sensitive zone gets enough air and oxygen. Stockings meet the same effects, in ouverte pantyhose feels but safe woman and not thinking about slipping down.

Try it out once. And: no one forbids one to wear a slip in.

in 24 colors! size 44-62, 16,-euro

6 Knit Tights And Thermos Trump Pants In Plus Sizes

If BB´s colder is a super thing: smooth knitted tights in four colors or thermos Trump pants (inside-rough) in black, size 54 for 7.49, or 6.99 EUR

7 Leggings Size

-opaque, semi gloss Microfiber leggings from Glamory, only in black, 80den size 62, 12.95 euro

-Microfibre leggings in various great colours (caviar, green, purple, anthracite, Brown, red, and so on) by Ergora, size 58, also matt, 60den, only 6 euro

-Cotton and spandex leggings in three colors, to exclusively 52, 7,49 Euro

-Thermoleggings in five colours, size 54, 7.99 Euro

8 Socks With Stretch Waistband

This is my favorite: vein-friendly women’s socks, not cut on the leg. Oh how I hate that. The most socks on sale lace – a feeling of terrible and too unhealthy.

They have an extra wide comfort waistband. Unfortunately only in 3-packs in three colors, but what size should BB´s. 35-42, 3 pair for 6.99 Euro.

Here again the link to the shop: socks and mehr.de – exclusive hosiery and underwear

From an order value of 50,-euro provides the online shop shipping, including all shipping costs in the amount of €3.99 4.99 (DPD/DHL).

Which Of The Offers Appeals To You The Most? What Pantyhose Or Stockings In Xxl You Like To Buy? What Types Do You Offer?

I appreciate your comments!