Legging: Key Piece in the Cabinet

The legging is not out of fashion and will be present in the coming seasons. Since it’s a piece that has not come out of the closet since last year, when it came back hard on the streets, the ideal is to know some tips on how to use it.

Famous in the 80’s, black legging is the classic type of garment because it is easy to match, and democratic, as any type of body looks good. But there are many models and with different fabrics, so what else is there combination.

With so much option it gets difficult to choose a model and make a set. Sometimes it also beats that doubt, whether colored and shiny leggings are suitable for all women, and which one dresses best in a certain body type. Check out some tips for each type below.

  • Wet Legging: This model is made with materials such as latex and leather. The wet legging is kind of shiny, with the typical air of the 80’s. It’s good to keep up with smooth parts so you do not get too heavy.
  • Metallic Legging: It is similar to wet legging because it is glossy. This model is more for going out at night. And the top tip also applies to her.
  • Embossed Legging: This type of legging is recommended for the leaner and longer legs. It is recommended that the top piece be smooth, so as not to look very confusing.
  • Smooth Legging: It’s a classic piece in the closet and is great for any physical type. The black legging is a basic piece that can be used in various combinations.
  • Jegging: it’s jeans blend with legging. This model has the same style of skinny pants, and is great, as it is confused even with a pair of jeans. The jegging of dark shades is easier to match with blouses and can be worn with any type of shoe.

Some essential tips from a2zgov.com about what should be avoided and what combines more:

  • In order not to run the risk of getting the usual look, legging can not mark the hip and groin.
  • If you have a thick leg, opaque leggings should be avoided and avoid bright colored ones, as they thicken the legs and thigh. The dark colors in this case are better.
  • Since legging is fair, it is necessary to avoid large necklines if you do not want to have a vulgar look. The ideal is to balance the pieces.
  • The waist marked accentuates the feminine curves and adds a touch more in the visual. It pays to invest in a belt!