LED Strips Give More Charm And Comfort To Decoration

The LED strips are super high and can enhance the visual of various environments. According to Nicole Garcia Azevedo, architect of Labluz, they can be used on shelves, under kitchen cabinets, behind TV panels, under wood decks or banks, inside closets, cabinets behind mirrors, in plaster mouldings or cortineiros lit.

“The light is very nice as it is indirect and not blinding vision. The tapes are well in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Just use creativity. The most pleasant is the yellowish hue called white hot, let the environment more comfortable, “says Nicole.

Normally the LED tape is sold per metre, and the average price is R$ 45.50 per metre, plus the components based on Zephyrledlights.

Nicole talks about colors. According to her, in addition to the warm white tape, which leaves the environment more cozy and pleasant, there is the superbranca, which gives a characteristic more agitated to the site, and there are also colorful options. “It all depends on a lot of the taste of each one, but I prefer to use the warm white for comfort,” he said.

Although it is possible and even easy to apply the tapes alone, Nicole reinforces that the ideal is that you have knowledge of electricity or follow the guidance of a skilled professional to avoid possible damage or accidents.