Led Lights for 24-Hour Kart Race Part 1 of 4

It’s been awhile ago when I wrote the last blog post. For this, I want to apologize to you. I was not idle however by far! It took now almost 6 months, but now it has been fully developed, tested and used. A new, self developed LED lighting for a Kart. Now some would think are certainly what make a LED lamp at a Kart needs, but I can take (what a brilliant transition) also a little light in the dark.

Many know the 24 hours of Le Mans or the 24 hours of the Nurburgring. Here, the cars also with lamps designed specifically for racing, with which you can ride to stock finsterer night at over 300 km/h on harassment, without being disturbed by the darkness.

There’s a similar race in karting. Here, GTC – German team champion chip is called the racing series by the way and is the German long track Karting Championship. However, racing chassis of from House have no lighting, a powerful lighting to take no alternator and also no way. Here, usually large powerful floodlights do the lighting. A further difficulty is also the visibility of the Kart itself. Finally, the team would like to own Kart on the track at a glance will keep to respond if it rolls out or involved in an accident. Therefore, many teams assemble the Kart with glow sticks or LED strips, which are attached in front on the plate. Some have also tried the route with bicycle lamps to illuminate something. However, the attempt not very success was crowned.

Here I now come into play. As the most blog readers already know I’m fixated on power with high efficiency. So roughly speaking with little means the maximum to get out.
For me, the question arose but first: “How do you please a spotlight on a Kart secure?” A really tricky question, because a Kart is exposed during a race very heavy loads and at the same time ordinary vibration. As also that construct me much fun makes it I am so set and even looked around what comes for a case in question. After some time I’m struck it rich in China (where else). Because I’ll throw out the electronics anyway, only the design of the heat sink and the case was important to me. Was important here that the entire case should serve as a heat sink and consist of solid material.

I’ve found this one finally.

Now I was thinking about the mounting. What all the spoilers, the plastic part front most Kart is fixed, I cannot fix it because this part acts like a kind of bumper and thus to protect the driver in a collision. If I would install metal there now, it could be solved in the event of a collision and seriously injure the driver. The next option would be a fixture on the shield, so the part where the Starter is stuck. Unfortunately, this question comes as the plate also begins to vibrate and the driver could see this vibration on the road by the light cone. That would irritate not only the driver, but is not quite as beautiful on any videos to the watch. Also we have the problem of safety in a crash here again, because the shield the driver should again offer at least some protection. So, I decided to go another way. As already mentioned, great joy prepares engineering and especially the design on the PC (CAD).

After a few days pondering, virtual testing and some versions later, I decided for the attachment via pipe clamps from the field of model construction and self-constructed 2 mm thick steel sheet. These tube clamps  I have used.

Learn how it now goes further with electronics and what look like the LEDs at full speed in the next part of the blog.

So I tried to find a solution, which the lightings, or better said: the headlights, sure most Kart, don’t mind Aur in a crash injury as low as it gets. As a solution, the front front bar invaded me. The front front bar is part of the Kart which is supposed to protect the legs of the driver in the event of strong impact against injury. This front bar with the impact protection of the car is similar to compare, which absorbs the energy of the impact and thus also protects the driver. Here, only the difference is that this front bar extremely stiff must be da’s most Kart no crumple zone is. Also, the spoiler, so the bumper is attached to him. A very bold approach, because the mounting is then the same loads as the front bar itself. The front bar is made up of a tubular construction with tubes of 16 mm diameter. But how should I attach a lamp, which should be adjusted ideally even at the angle (relative to the ground as seen), attached to a tube that shows they’re in direction of travel?