LED Light Tube

End of November the magic of Christmas has in the inner cities back. Festively decorated lit streets and squares in the glow of fairy lights and illuminiertenWeihnachtsbäumen and invite the tempting smell of mulled wine, gingerbread, and roasted almonds to stroll and relax. Even at home, it is comfortable. LED bulbs provide us with their indirect light in holiday spirit and create a festive atmosphere. Our Advent Special, we present you the best LED Weihnachtsleuchtmittel and provide you with some inspiration for your individual Festtagsdeko.

1 LED Light Tube

LED light tube is an excellent example that beautiful Christmas decorations can be also cheap. Unlike lights tubes with incandescent lamps, it consumes very little energy 2.5 Watt/meter according to Incredibleflashlight. The power savings is enormous and is about 80-90%. Due to its design LED light tube is also flexible waterproof (IP44) enormously crushproof very economical long lasting with low heat and protection from external influences (high light output and energy efficiency).

Products: http://www.ledlager.de/LED-Lichtschlauch-Rubberlight-LED-Schlauch-rund-LEDs_R.php

Beautify Home & Garden With Beautiful Lighting Effects

These advantages make the ideal decorative solution for both the indoor and outdoor LED light tube. Let your creativity run wild, here are a few ideas:

  • Move your House facade in the right light and frame the contours of doors, Windows, and corners of the House.
  • Hang rope light from above to below the stairs.
  • Decorate your balcony railing with LED light tube and decorative loops.
  • A LED light tube, attach the handrails of staircase.
  • Illuminate the walkways on your property, trees and water landscapes for a Christmas wonderland.
  • Wrap around columns or beams LED light tube.

Elba Electronics offers LED rope light in warm white, white, blue, red, yellow, green and RGB in desired length of up to 50 meters. The lengths can be selected in two-meter intervals. Supplied 230V cables are our light tubes immediately ready for use and can be operated normally from the outlet.