LED Light Panels

Today we are going to talk about a product that, in just a few days, it will be part of our catalogue of LED products and which will be available to all our customers and distributors. LED light panels, a product that, despite not being currently a benchmark in the world of LED lighting, we believe it is going to be a revolution in this world, thanks to its versatility and high efficiency. In our case, we will work initially with models of 40W, 50W and measure 60 x 60 cm, although they are available in rectangular and lower.

LED lighting panels are luminaires available in different sizes that are specially designed to be installed on removable roofs. Due to its size, installation is as simple as removing one of the removable roof plates, connecting the panel to the mains and in the same place where before the plate was. It’s that simple, without work and without changes in the installation. But not only limited to this type of facility, since they can be integrated in cabinets, decorative flooring and, above all, type Pendant (as shown in the image). Without a doubt, a revolution in the world of LED lighting.

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