LED Decorative Lights for Weddings

It’s the time of weddings with a lot of themes and associated decorations! Your preparing? Have you thought about the LED to light up your marriage? Sometimes still neglected by the bride and groom, the LED can yet answer many desires in terms of wedding decoration. By offering, in addition to the unparalleled performance!

A Magical Atmosphere

For a magical décor, use the LED by keys.

Create a fantasy world with one or several trees at the entrance to your room. LED cherry very well possible, opt for the color that you like, and easily create a beautiful setting for your guests.

For a more simple but just as elegant atmosphere, consider using LED lights. Hang curtain cascading or wrap, garlands dress a place with their small twinkling bulbs. Garlands can also be the basis for most worked and original decorations: put a ball in a glass of vintage appearance container and you will have an original fixture in Center of table, for example. Feel free to use our DIY to illuminate your wedding venue.

Finally, think about the LED candles: no risk of fire or burn! You can still create the warm and romantic atmosphere you crave and preserve places of your marriage. Tealights in Nice photophores, candles or candles in wax in Center of table, the possibilities are many, just like cravings!

A Guaranteed Party Atmosphere

Want to create a lounge like your favorite bars? For 2th part of the evening, switch mode party and mood nightclub with a LED bar, LED sofa, a few Ottomans and enjoy partying the night away. Although these elements seem dedicated to the world of events, you can completely enjoy the space of an evening with the rental.

For a festive atmosphere you can also opt for touches of lights during the meal with luminous table centers through our bright basics. At the bottom of a vase with floral composition of your choice, for example. Also consider buckets bright champagne, shakers or ice light to amaze your guests.

Place For Creative People!

For the most creative minds, the LED pushes the limits of your imagination.

Treat yourself to a glittering decoration using LED throwies. In participatory mode, you can put at disposal of your guests and create together an ephemeral light work on a metal bracket installed for the occasion in your room, for example. Deco version, start the creation of a light décor personalized with led throwies on a plate of metal, such as a heart and your initials, for example.

Would you like a starry sky, a bright wall? This will ask you a little more DIY and you also have to check upstream it is possible in your party place. But a fiber optic kit mounted on a plate and installed on the ceiling or a wall of the room will allow you to offer a romantic and unique atmosphere of its kind…

Also Outside, We Took the Opportunity.

Many products mentioned previously are designed for outdoors. So, you can completely enjoy your wedding outside with deco and original lighting.

If the garlands, the Ottomans, the trees and candles will be perfect, LED forms will also offer a design and contemporary touch to those who want a sleek and modern wedding. Balls, columns, light pots, install them to delimit spaces and facilitate the flow of guests during the evening.

Finally, think about the functional lighting LED: place LED floodlights with motion detector near the parking so that your guests easily find their cars. Also think about solar beacons to light the way to the bathroom…

You will find that the LED is the ally of your wedding on Ledlightsclassified: it you just list your needs and get started!

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