Leather and Metal Jewelry

The designer Mandy Wu is attracted by opposites, of strength and vulnerability, of emotion and rationality. Consistent with their curriculum vitae, which is also marked by contrasts: Mandy in the United States, was born but grew up in Singapore. First, she studied chemistry before she discovered her creative sense in addition to her scientific streak and began to design jewelry.

Perhaps this explained the sources of inspiration of the designer, who tries to fathom the contradiction by the emotionality and rationality. Is this not exactly the opposite of creativity and science? The own experience and knowledge, which drives the designer?

Not only Mandy inspired itself by emotional issues such as Tarot or ritual body modifications to your designs, but also strong women play a major role in their creative work. Desire drives Mandy, to elicit their full strength of femininity and to highlight.

On Mandy Wu’s blog staged they skillfully their chains with the respective inspirations. A darker, rebellious and tilted to the human depths tone is subject to the imagery.

The (fake) leather chains from the collection of fortification I composed of braided leather strands with pointed metal “Needles” and can be as flexible on the body. The long chain forms to body jewelry or body chains and decorate the whole upper body.

Although the leather faux chains intended extreme in their statement, they look but very elegantly worn over beautiful delicate clothes. The big show every woman with the (fake) leather chains around the neck will surely make and a strong confident impression. The combination of leather and metal speaks for itself. Mandy deliberately chooses faux leather real leather for them is not acceptable.

(Faux-) Leather And Metal Jewelry Made For Rebels

The jewelry designer Mandy Wu is fascinated by contrasts: toughness and vulnerability, sensuality and rationality. Her vita seems likewise inspired and formed by contrasts. Mandy Wu who what born in the United States grew up in Singapore.First she studied chemistry before realizing that to a scientific vein she so has a lot of creative blood into the body. Naturally she began designing jewelry.

Maybe this is why the sources of inspiration try to fathom the contrast between emotionality and rationality. Isn’t this exactly the difference between science and creativity? The own life experience which is driving the designer Mandy to design beautiful leather necklaces?

Not only is Mandy inspired by emotional topics such as tarot or body modifications, but also strong female characters play a role in finding ideas for the next designs for jewelry pieces.Mandy is driven by the desire to unmask femininity in all its toughness. On her Blog she stages her necklaces with the according inspiration topics in a very compelling way. In the picture language a dreary and rebellious tone is resonating unmasking the abysm of humanity.

The leather necklaces shown above from the collection Fortification I are composed of braided fake leather strings hold together by metal spikes. Therefore the necklaces can be adjusted very flexible around the body. The long necklaces from real body jewelry which decorates the whole upper part of ones body.

Even if the faux leather necklaces themselves are quite extrem and polarizing in their statement they do look elegant and looking beautiful to delicate dresses. With these necklaces from Mandy Wu every women will have a strong appearance and a self confident impression. The combination of faux leather and metal speaks for itself. The designer choose faux leather as Mandy didn’t want to be responsible for even more dead animals leaving their skin for fashion and beauty.