Learn to Choose the Ideal Bikini for Your Physical Type

Size, Color And Model Can Enhance The Seaside Look

On the eve of summer, bikinis and swimsuits take over the shop windows, inviting them to renovate the wardrobe to shine even more at the seashore. When choosing the pieces to enjoy the sun, you do not have to panic or want to hide under a canga: there are options for all tastes, pockets and especially bodies.

Size, color and model are determining factors in this choice, as well as a very realistic view of one’s own body, its strengths and weaknesses. Armed with a full-length mirror, memorize the tips below and leave without fear in search of your perfect companion for the heat season.

::: The first and most important item to take into account is well-being. Before anything else, the piece has to be comfortable, to convey safety.

::: Prints are beautiful, but care must be taken to use them. When coupled with the right modeling, they create the sensation of a curved look. Therefore, the model is indicated for women of the rectangular physical type, when the upper (shoulders) and lower part of the body (hips) have the same measure.

::: If you are worried about hiding your “tummy,” try on bikinis with tight panties that “hold” the sagging abdominal area. Betting on flat color models that have details on the sides is also a great request.

::: Who is overweight and feels uncomfortable wearing a bikini can bet on swimsuits. The tip is to dare in the necklines, especially in V, because they lengthen the silhouette and thin the waist, and in the models of smooth colors and hardware.

::: For those who have full breasts, bikinis or swimsuits are good options – but it is important to choose models that give support, such as swimsuits that have cloth under the armpits or pieces front-only with thick straps.