Ladies ‘ Room Decorated (17 Exciting Ideas)

The decoration should create a delicate, romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Check out ideas.

You are in search of ideas for ladies ‘ room decorated? So know that there are many ways to make the space more beautiful, cosy, functional and with a touch of femininity.

To reflect the female soul, the bathroom needs to have some elements that resemble the universe of a woman, which involves beauty, romance and delicacy. Time to decorate the environment, it is necessary to think of all the details, such as colors, coats, rugs, towels, accessories, tableware and decorative objects. You also need to define a style that has to do with the personality of the resident.

Ideas for ladies ‘ room decorated

The House and Party split a few ideas for you to decorate ladies ‘ room. Check out:

1 – Details in pink

The Pink is the color of femininity and romanticism, so it can be used to decorate the bathroom of a woman. To incorporate this tom, bet on glass inserts, carpet and even a vase with flowers.

2 – large

Every woman likes to have available a large mirror to get ready. Try to install a very large template on the countertop and cuba. This tip helps you compose a wonderful toilet.

3-pink Furniture

The female bathroom decor can have, as main element, a pink Office. This mobile has everything to become protagonist of the environment, especially when divided space with white.

4-vintage Tray

You want to leave the bathroom with a feminine touch very subtle? So bet on a tray with vintage style. The attachment can be used as a base to place flowers, candles, flavours and liquid soap.

5-lilac Bathroom

In addition to being the color of spirituality, the lilac also carries the female energy. Use this pale shade of purple paint the walls and make a perfect match with white.


Every woman, at some point in life, have you thought about having a bathroom with a bath at home. This type of environment is an invitation to cool off and relax.

7-pink glass tub

The women’s bathroom decorated does not need to be pink to highlight the universe of a woman. You can choose only one element with that color, as in the case of cuba. This piece leaves the environment with a modern look, thanks to your transparency.

8-pure luxury

Some women dream of a sophisticated bathroom, so betting on a luxurious décor. To obtain this result, they bet mirrors with frames, mirrored furniture, marble countertop and Polish.


In search of a theme to your decor? So bet on Matrioska. This Russian doll brings together a number of other dolls, with different sizes, which are placed one inside the other.

10-Countertop pink shock

To leave the decorating, try installing the bathroom a pink bench shock. The colorful top combines with the cuba stamped and the mirrored Cabinet.

11-vintage Style

Vintage style is romantic, sophisticated, and carries the charm of other decades. It can be used to print more personality in the bathroom, through the furniture, accessories and frames.

12-flowered wallpaper

You don’t want to wear pink in decor? Then try working with a flowery wallpaper, as is the case of this blue and white model. The floral print adds delicacy, romanticism and femininity.

13-flower arrangement

The flower arrangement, when well prepared, can be used to decorate the bathroom. Choose a cute container and a species able to withstand the conditions of a closed environment and damp.

14-pink and grey Makeup

The combination of pink and white seem too obvious? Then try the duo pink and gray. The environment has everything to win a more modern and at the same time delicate.

15-delicate things

Should any money for a complete makeover, it pays to invest in the purchase of decorative objects. The rug with flower print and small comics in relief are good options.

16-Gold Frame

To let the ladies ‘ room with a touch more sophisticated, bet in a golden frame for the mirror. If the wall of the environment has a vivid colour, the result of decoration is even more beautiful.

17-striped wallpaper

Set in the choice of wallpaper to transform the environment. A good suggestion is the striped model, in colors lilac, yellow and white.

And there? Like the ideas for ladies ‘ room decorated? Leave a comment.