Knowledge Graph Starts to Show Marks on Social Networking Profiles

With the advent of social networks, contact forms, chat and e-mail no longer the only online media with companies. This perception explains the latest addition of searches Google: Display links to the profiles of brands on services like Facebook and Twitter.

The change is part of an update of the Knowledge Graph, dynamic system that Google has implemented in 2012 to display information related to the search term directly on the results page.

The operation is very simple: to search for a brand – Yahoo, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nike and so on – links to social profiles appear right at the bottom of the widget that provides summary information about the company.

The list of compatible networks has, so far, the following names: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace (yes, still exists) and YouTube.

This is a minor update, but there has its relevance. Social networks have become important channels for consumers because, as there exposed complaints often become public, usually brands are quick to give satisfactory answers.

The Knowledge Graph not only facilitates the discovery of these profiles, as it relates only those checked to ensure that the user does not fall into a false fan page, for example.

In addition to profiles for businesses, the Knowledge Graph began to display more information related to artists and events. Now, the side box can show dates for upcoming shows and links to purchase tickets, for example.

As usual, these updates are paying priority paras searches on Google in English. It should take a few months for the changes completely cover versions of search in other languages.