Knitting Scarf Tutorial

Knitting special “Everything for the woman”

We love scarves! If it is cold outside, we leave not the House without the winter accessory. This year we continue our model itself.

Degree of difficulty: easy

Size: 29 cm wide, 180 cm long (excluding fringe)


  • Schachenmayr Highland alpaca, 400 g in denim, FB 02963 and mud, Fb002977 each
  • 1 circular needles 12 mm
  • thick crochet hook for tying up the fringes
  • Wool embroidery needle without lace

Textured pattern:

Number divisible by 8 + 9 STS (M) + 6 M patent edge. Work in rows (R) in accordance with knitting font. Always repeat the 1-16 R.

Edge of the patent:

The patent edge on both sides of each 3 M work.
In addition series:

The first and last 3 STS as follows: right 1 STS; 1 M apart, thereby carrying the thread before work; Right knit 1 M.
In reverse order:

The first and last 3 STS as follows: 1 M apart, thereby continuing the thread before M; Right knit 1 M; 1 M lift off, the thread before the M continue.
Colour series:

* 22 R in jeans, 26 R in mud, from * knit a total of 4 x, then 1 x 22 R in jeans knit.

Knitting tension:

In stockinette: 8 M and 10 R = 10 x 10 cm; in pattern: 8 M and 12 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Knitting pattern for a scarf

Cast on 23 STS in jeans in the 1st Rückrei-Hey all 23 right STS. Continue in pattern, observing the colour sequence. 214 R = 180 cm in the following row in jeans than all 25 right knit. In the following row all right cast off STS.


All weave in ends. For the fringe, cut 44 threads with 45 cm length. For 1 pair of fringe 2 strands halfway place and attach with the thick crochet hook. In this way along each narrow edge 11 pairs of fringes evenly attach. Now cut off the fringe still uniformly on 18-20 cm.

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