Klipsch RF-7 II in the Single Test

With forehead height of 1.23 metres and bronze woofers, the Klipsch RF-7 II is a solid catcher. We have looked at more closely the Floorstanding speaker.

Fu? r, the color makes the aluminum ceramic alloy of low-midrange driver: the very light and yet sturdy Cerametallic. Behind the eye-catching front loaded Horn sits a hulking means high-frequency drivers, the use of which is already 1.2 kHz possible. The Tractrix Horn increases not only sound pressure and dynamic abilities of this fine titanium diaphragm, it organizes also the BU? Behavior of the Pressure chamber loudspeaker. A sound pressure level of u? ber 90 decibels can sit up tube fans .

The largest box in the RF series is designed uniquely for Dynamics and power: two 25 cm bass play in parallel in the same volume with a strong cross-section reflex tube Duet. This bass configuration but rather a problem of fu? r tubes there. Interesting fu? r tubes fans: the crossover of two-way box is electrically simple, happens only on a few components and support? supports the Dynamics concept. Fu? r fast pulse processing should the Klipsch so perfectly geru? be tested.

Tube current

On the Ayon-Vulcan-II-Monos , Yellos Dynamics reference recording sounds pleasant and spacious. 40 tube Watts pumping them in each box. Should however genu?, or?

Unfortunately, it makes the performance not alone: of fine instruments , the bass becomes softer and the HF Horn stressed acoustic just to strong. Good grip and still clear the liaison with the unison manages S6 MK II. With the Italian 30-watt tube the Klipsch delivers a sophisticated idea and shows a beautiful middle way from Netu? verbosity and transparency. Up close, dynamically and zischeln free Monologized ‘The Expert’ now.

On our transistor, the RF-7 IIPOPs references Ayre MX-R on the other hand, as if there’s no tomorrow! The endless power transposes the Klipsch in a totally natural sound space by immense depth and width. But so hard on the gas the Horn with growing volume is always direct. Here the listening room decides Abou? ber, how well it can be dampened. We are all ears evolution 2 Finally with the fine transistor amplifier Creek.

Transistor power

Suddenly, everything is different. The Klipsch sound incredibly fine atomized and allu? renlos. We hear Yellos Mastering bead up to the last track and rediscover what makes these images so full of lust: majestic soundscapes, precise phasing effects, insane coarse dynamics, crisp Funk grooves and unpredictable low bass attacks.