Kit 05 Cree Led Tactical Head Flashlight Rechargeable Zoom

Headlight 62000w Rechargeable Battery

The Lanterna has Cree Super Led lamp that provides high light luminosity with 62000W of power.
Intensity of light beam.

3 modes of operation. low light, high light and strobo.

Square led with adjustable focus zoom ranging from x1 to x2000.

High resistance in magnesium alloy, precision machining, hard and durable does not deform and anti-corrosive.

It uses micro led for light emission, source of energy saving, with consumption equal to one-tenth of a common incandescent lamp.

Led Q5 useful life of 50,000 to 1000,000hrs

Each connector is equipped with high quality sealing components, killing the torches shock resistant.

Rechargable battery.


The rechargeable battery can not remain uncharged.
Lack of charge can affect battery life.
The battery has a long period of energy storage, but it should also be recharged for as long as it takes.

When charging there is an indicator that shows red light when there is not enough charge, and green light when charging is complete.

Items Included:

05 Tactical Flashlight

05 head support

05 charger

05 Rechargeable Battery

05 boxes
Approximate Size 9×7 cm