Kid Room Decor. Learn How To Make

Kid room decor should be practical and functional. It is important not to exaggerate the number of furniture or decorative items. See tips on how to choose the decoration.

The cake decorating kid’s room should be practical and functional. It is important not to exaggerate the number of Corbel or decorative items. After all, nothing should hinder the development of the child and affect the amplitude of the room. The first step of reform and take environmental measures and select functional parts such as bicamas,

baus, shelves, organizers, Ottomans and benches. Bet still in wardrobes with sliding doors and make sure there is a space of circulation of, at least, 70 centimeters.

Another way to make the children’s room and practicality play furniture Castor (which allows you to change the layout when necessary). But if no space in the environment, the tip and replace furniture that are affecting the amplitude. The dresser and an example of peca easily replaced with a desk full of drawers. The bed also help gain space.

Choose models with suitable size and, if necessary, touch one of the sides on the wall. The style of bed and one more point to be discussed at retirement. Boy’s room can count on tematicos models or have decorated headboards for fabrics or wallpapers. In addition, invest in models with inner drawers to make space in the environment. “The beds boxes serve to keep from toys and sporting goods until the child’s shoes,” said Leila Dionizios, architect. “The mobile can also be useful in the Fourth Division, in order to create a place for the area of study” complete.

The next step of the reform and set the colors of the furniture and walls. The sleeping space must have light colors in cake decorating, so invest in shades of white, grey, beige and off-white. And avoid using very vibrant hues like azure and purple walls, because they become tiring to the eyes of a child. The ideal and leave the colorful decorative items only. Another way to decorate the environment and invest in stickers and wallpapers. “Mixing prints and striped xadrezas and an exit to leave the project well male,” says Leila.

The charm of the boy’s room can still be accomplished through of beautiful compositions from frames. Install colorful frames and of different sizes on the wall or leave the pieces on top of furniture. Take care only to be harmony between the pieces – try to combine or the style of the works or of the frames. Another important decorative item in the cake decorating and curtain. Abuse of practical models – from cotton, polyester and voil-or use the blinds. In this case, the best and use the templates and roll, accumulate so much dust.

The use of carpet in the children’s room and another feature that ensures charm and coziness. Bet on models of EVA (rubber-like material) and cotton with anti-slip base. And in the case of cold floors, abuse of rugs to enhance the feeling of comfort. In addition, it is important to know that the thermal and acoustic comfort of the ira environment depend a lot of finish chosen. A good choice and use the floor vinyl ether from With good acoustic and thermal comfort absorcao, it can be cleaned only with a moistened cloth and receive a bactericidal treatment. But remember the wooden floors, because they offer comfort and beauty.

The reform of the boy’s room includes a lighting project hit. Try to make the maximum natural light, leaving the place more bright and airy. Invest in a central point of light and spread the top spots with yellowish lights so as not to lose the feeling of warmth in the room to sleep. Bet also in LED ribbons in the niches and on the shelves, and decorate the nightstand and dresser with beautiful lamps. “And don’t forget to dimerizar the lights system. The resource and alternative to control the amount of light, “says Erica willow, architect.

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