Join Tecnogrupo, the New TB Discussion Group on Facebook

Many of you already knew the discussion group that our site had on Facebook. We launched it in December 2013 and in no time he hit more than 10 000 members! The crowd was always very participatory there and of course time or another had to deal with trolls, haters and all that riffraff that the technology we already are accustomed to do, right?

We do not have much patience with trolls here in TB. If you ‘re messing up the discussion with extremist arguments and disrespecting little friend, we boot out of the room, even. For the good of the community.

It was one of those who, a few months ago, our editor Paul Higa was nervousar and decided to change the status of the group to Secret. With this level of privacy, no one else can access the said, not with the url at hand. But he only found out then that with this number of members, it was not possible to reduce the level of privacy later.

In short, closed, okay sealed. A hug!

The logic of Facebook until it makes sense: if I go into a group that is secret, it’s because I do not want anyone knowing the things I read or post. So, how is my privacy if the moderator solve open the group after a while?

The bullshit is that in a secret group, only enter who are invited directly by an admin. And then our inbox was getting a little crowded with requests “hey, add me in the group of TB?”.

Anyway, to let the fairest thing we decided to do a migration. The former group stopped accepting new posts and will continue only there for those who want to see your history. The new group already is in the air and set to private – anyone can access and request participation, but only members can read and publish posts.

So bora migrate to Tecnogrupo?