Johan Cruyff Habla de Hugo Sotil

Just before the WORLD CUP 1994 Hugo Camps took an interview with Johan Cruyff. This interview can be found on YouTube. Camp late Cruyff talk long. The monologue that follows gives a great insight into the phenomenon, then the coach of Barcelona. He gives his views on football, technology, fast action, and the human spirit, a joy watching the Flemish journalist Hugo Camps took the interview with Johan Cruijff just before the 1994 World Cup. In his journalistic career Camps worked as a war correspondent, Editor, interviewer and columnist. In his columns, Hugo Camp portrays football greats, cycling stars and leading politicians. He is a man trying to dig deep, and often come with a distinct and strong views about sports and current events.

During the interview he sounds Cruyff speak long, which gives a very informative interview. In this article, a number of statements by Cruyff listed and summarized. It is just a small selection of quotes from the master.

If his boss

  • A number one could not fight 10 number 2. It is not to win. So you must have a positive attitude, positive people, and people who want to achieve something.
  • Almost everything is logical. Many people see that this is wrong. Much less see what goes wrong. And there are even fewer that makes sure you can do something with.

Fall Back on the basis

  • The Foundation for me in football has always been: technology.
  • On this basis, the player can always explain something, persuade or demonstrate.
  • You should always go back to the technology again, and starting, as well as everything else, with the little ones.
  • We used to play football on the street, and when you did you fell your pain. So you have to prevent you from falling. And there is a good body engineering for the necessary balance.
  • Soccer’s nice cozy streets are busy. It’s a game, not to go backward.
  • If you have to go as much as they can, then you are technically less.
  • The basis is: shooting with two legs, stopping two legs, balls on his chest, heads. Very simple things.
  • Someone who can shoot well, for it is true that the adoption is very important. If you accept it and you should already begin to correct, he will instead of 10 times, but to shoot five times.
  • Comes in position or transfer of a player, allowing him to take advantage of their own qualities 100%. That’s the point.

If the confidence

  • For a young player, I always say: “You don’t have to be nervous, because you play bad you have so many qualities, you need not doubt that the ball comes out, because the ball is going to go there, you can still … Maybe you will meet him badly, then you have bad luck. But you can comfort him play again, because you have to take him out there. You should be the tag. “

If the wrong

  • You have bad luck and errors.
  • A mistake is something that comes back every time.
  • If you’re 10 games in a row makes a silly mistake, so there must be another.
  • Have a good time is a bad time, and then again a good period.
  • In bad time: How do you stop? If you are mentally seen so far can move to your other attributes, you stay afloat.
  • How can you best help each other in the area? By going away from him, and not by going against him.

Over are known

  • People who have committed a team sport at a high level, is more difficult. Because God and all that crack down, but it’s only an opinion, and it just says, and who write and only make them, so you have a degree of resilience that allows you to never let be fooled.
  • Second, because less manage it well, often influenced in their decisions by the.
  • I work with 20 stars simultaneously. People with enormous prestige and salary. If I was the 20th man can take only 16, so I cock of four men for this weekend five, six, seven, eight thousand guilders.They can’t serve. You have to manage it.