Jewels for Nails Bohem

Have you ever thought of wearing jewelry for nails? And ‘the new fashion for’summer 2013 the British brand Bohem, which produces jewelry manicure with an extraordinary three-dimensional effect.

We passionate to a 3D effect glazes with large sequins embossed, sand effect, feathers and glitter effect super opaque, but the trend nails evolve and this time they want their nails covered with real gold or silver jewelry, often embellished with decorations to lace effect, hearts or even touches of color for spectacular effects, such as those proposed by Bohem, brand specialized in creating “jewel nails.”

But what are the jewels for Bohem nails? Reminiscent of the fake nails but they are in every way the real jewels ingold and silver to be applied with special adhesives to “nude” nails, usually the ring to avoid the “too much” effect.

The new fashion of fake nails is exploding, and in particular those jewel, for this belated and (finally!) The hot summer 2013, and the trend will become even stronger with the arrival of ‘autumn and winter 2014.

The jewelry for nails are therefore an evolution of the already famous nail art “accent nail” which plans to polishing your ring finger nail with a contrasting nail polish, just as with these fake nails of precious metals.

Wear the jewelry for nails is very simple: just apply the clear adhesive provided in the box on the chosen jewelry and let it dry for a few minutes, and then apply it on the nail naked and slightly prepared with a buffer. At this point you need to make a constant pressure for about 3 minutes on bijoux from fingernail to make sure that this fits smoothly.How long do the nails jewel signed Boheme? Up to 24 hours, but do not worry, each jewel is reusable! Just wipe the sticky residue with soap and water.

The jewelry proposals for Bohem nails are really a lot, so if you are intrigued by these particular accessories please visit the official website of the brand, making expeditions in Europe and Italy to price 5 pounds for the standard version and 12 pounds  for that espresso. The price of the jewelry, sold in packs of two and 24 sheets transparent stickersto apply them, varies from model to model.

Some examples? Those with watermark effect, very elegant, have a price that starts from 70 pounds for silver models and 110 pounds for those in gold, while the more simple silver from the smooth surface with decorations of hearts and butterflies start from 27.50 pounds. Those with colorfully decorated in enamel instead start from 30 pounds up to a maximum of 55 pounds.

What do you think of this new trend of jewelry nails? For us it is extravagant at the right point, and above all to prove: as we have already said, these short-sparkling accessories will be a must-have! Let us know which models you like best!