Jeep Grand Cherokee

SUVs conquer any terrain. You can see the hip SUV-look-alikes now before every school, every organic supermarket and the Opera. Sparkling clean, polished and with highly sensitive, lowschool alloy wheels, they avoid the area as the devil the holy water.

You can read off how far it is with the off-road capability of the asphalt yachts here, on the final gag of cartoon “Cars”. Even the children laughing now. There, an old military jeep wants to grind his domesticated descendants in the SUV boot camp. Ah yes, the good old Jeep. First, the whole sport-utility movement goes back to his grandson, introduced in 1993, the terrain of the Grand Cherokee. It also reflects the slope to the decadence, which has affected his tribe over the years. Almost his fate reminds a little of the Boxer Rocky, which has set on plenty of bacon in the umpteenth also with success and luxurious living. But, what is so an old fighter, has become a hard core and maintain a strong heart that again pulls him out of the swamp. At the end, he is back at the top, and triumphs.

At the top, this is now to be taken literally. Only there not a laurel wreath, but a banksman is waiting for us. At the top, which is on a hill so steep slopes, that you can’t see the ground under the four huge wheels on the descent. Why are we a waved like a plane. Even before the tax of the fresh face lifted – I over have one thing in common with rocky mimes Sylvester Stallone – Jeep Grand Cherokee itself, is to keep the breakfast with me. A seasoned off-road Pro, Fiat hired jeeps parent impressively demonstrated the off-road capability of the Italo American. She has lost none of its brilliance obviously all the luxuries despite in its fourth generation. Gradually the sampling identical to, in wheelbase and track width with the Mercedes M-class, because based Jeep gently downhill and even the left rear wheel stands half a meter from the ground. Interestingly the exercise from the passenger seat looks harmless, as from the outside.

On a cushion of air through the grounds

Enhanced by abundant leather and wood, very well processed interior with its comfortable seats has a very soothing effect even in extreme situations. This principle applies to the entire car. This premium spring comfort on roads of last order and especially in places where there are no roads at all, more the question, whether this gentle giant of air suspension is unnecessary. There’s this extra Equipment packages overland and Summit even as standard. And it fits wonderfully to the litter-like character of the tamed wild. Because everything on this car is smooth: the Steering, the padding, the hand-processed leather which extends even on the dashboard in my test car.

That’s good. Imagine that you have celebrated last night long and even with the climate change fight. The last thing you want to do voluntarily at this moment, is to go with a 4.80 m long, 1.80-meter and 2,15 meter wide monster over hill and Dale, you fight through narrow, winding paths. But I’m surprised: the new Grand Cherokee runs his extremely fleet-footed, almost like a compact car. The body that is sharpened by a new grille and evil eye by narrower, framed by LED day driving lights bi-xenon headlights in the character offers an excellent overview. Overall the gentle giant from the driver’s seat feels significantly smaller and lighter than it is.

Of course I took me the CD: the film music of Django a la Tarantino. A fine example of exchange between American and Italian culture as subculture in both directions to work. The perfect soundtrack for the fun, morning horseback ride through the Sicilian Pampa. Also great to feel the new Sound System with its 19 speakers and 825 Watts on the tooth. Finally, the 2014 model is a relatively gentle detail refresher, the supporting role to the suppliers of Harman. Because the automotive suppliers from Karlovy Vary near the town of Pforzheim contributes also to the new navigation system. And this is the largest technical overkill on the new year alongside the also from Germany, eight-speed automatic transmission by ZF – we remember, the Maserati Quattroporte which we recently tested was also equipped – pretty much.

The Harman head unit features such as three-dimensional map display , Speakerphone and 3D-Stadtpläne, voice recognition and controls even the multi-zone climate control with its 8.4 inch touch screen. This is really cool, but not just double, but partially triple much. Many of this function can be controlled also by the buttons strewn, lined with soft leather multifunction steering wheel off. And for the air conditioning, there are also buttons in the cockpit to make matters worse for the very old fashioned.

The whopping sound of the surround sound system that acoustically expanded the dimensions of the Interior and enhances my well-being is enough for my Off-road-core already. The tonal matching of the 7.3 channel system equipped with 19 energy-efficient GreenEdge series loudspeakers is very balanced. In this point, it should be hard to beat Bela preserving plant in this class with Harman/Kardon . Voices sound right and of course, no matter whether I push various CDs from Bruce Springsteen or Tori Amos in the CD player that is stowed in the armrest rather than “Django”. Prefers I hear music from the iPod, which can be directly docked but today. Who has no cable to the hand or another phone that can use Bluetooth.

The rich, clean bass is really impressive, as well the dynamics. The sound system provides a coherent presentation overall. However, the figure is somewhat diffuse. After purist point of view were a few pounds just packed for a huge room impression on CD too artificially generated space shares. With this spicy task, the developer entrusted the no longer bleeding logic 7, while in the Maserati Quattroporte GTS with its also by Harman provide the superior quantum logic works installed B & W system. It has a new, semantic approach and can isolate individual instruments or the Hall to bring him specifically to the usage. But the available in Germany from around 45,000 euros Jeep itself with in around 10,000 or 20,000 euros Summit and SRT reserves included Harman system ground contact more expensive versions plays the ensemble also priced in a completely different League beyond the 100,000 euro, while.

System for tree huggers

Keep the fuel costs in the context of bears with a TPS 35-volt power supply (tracking power supply) equipped 11-channel class-D amplifier for energy efficiency at. There is a powerful diaphragm-massage – no sign of effort, no booming despite ecological ambitions. After all, Harman has three subwoofers on board. The largest has a private 20-liter case in the luggage compartment. The other two are oval and sitting in the front doors. The bottom line is to say that it gets difficult as much car and machine for the money and very confidently and adult is the combination of the brawny Jeep and the rich sound system.

After not even a kilometre over hill and Dale, the after-effects of last night are completely forgotten. Would not dream of me have to detour across the street with the estimated as familiar 8-HP automatic transmission by ZF and still come to the same judgment on the asphalt: this automatic function is absolute top and fits great to the character of this car. However, her jeep in this case is also a number of gadgets for sand, mud, gravel or snow and a help to driving on steep mountains in both directions to the page. Also, the whole trip can be broadly raise three hand, to improve the ground clearance in challenging field. To switch the individual site programs, you need to stop as well to the activation of the gear reduction. This really difficult terrain can be overcome and I’m fighting myself through a field of giant pebbles, what feels like snowboarding in slow motion.

But I like it fast and wants to kick up some dust as a self-confessed curves predator with the off-roader. Drifting in the area manages really well after taking out perhaps practical for cowboys, but boring reduction ratio with ESP disabled. It must not be one the two Hemi v-8 5.7 or cooking 6.4 liter. The power of the 3-liter V6 diesel engine with its 241 HP and 570 nm of torque at just 2000 rpm, and largely on the rear axle (there are several versions of it) are concentrated force distribution of the permanent all-wheel drive as created.

Cross in order

The callous steering not. After the tail in a long-drawn medium-fast curve nice turns out, I have busy hands, recapture it with indirect control. The passenger may have unaware of it, everything was flowing. But the feedback was so isolated that I really had to look on the steering wheel to get a feel for how the wheels, to catch me no reverse swing. Never happened to me. However, the Jeep is also no sports cars – at least not in the traditional sense. And if you with high speed of gravel and scree landings, are you not going with everything unlike a Porsche on the road. Those who opt for the Grand Cherokee, wants to go its own way – and there may be also, even if not no way there are.

The individualist among SUV drivers get Jeep ATV is a very practical, elegant looking especially in white, from the entire presentation including sound system the label adhere to authenticity. Now convinced the Grand Cherokee from the entire appearance of the material. The 2014 – vintage is so detail finished, that you make the impression can help: under Italian auspices, the American Drivestyle objects cannot be allowed to go finally as good as they can. Finally, the new Chrysler owner needs to Fiat with its focus on small and compact cars as Daimler have no fear of competition at home. Perhaps, the Jeep can now reclaim, terrain lost to the illustrious European generic.