Jeans and Blazer

Guide: Jeans and Blazer are the Swedish man’s standard uniform. A combination today as common at the Office at the nightclub. Unfortunately, examples of successful combinations very lätträknade. Manolo gives tips and inspiration on how to best succeed.

Skip the black and stiff businesskavajen. Select a Blazer with soft form, whose silhouette follows the body without leaving excess fabric. Color is brown or blue is often preferred over black.

Choose a jacket fabric which harmonizes with the jeans. For the summer season are linen or cotton collections, while wool fabrics like tweed or flannel is perfect for autumn. A thinner wool quality is a safe bet to wear all year.

What jeans wash suits Blazer is largely a matter of taste. Washed jeans in lighter tone can be a nice contrast to the jacket, while a unwashed jeans quality gives a slightly more dressed up look.

Select jeans with normal, high, or high-waist, giving a stylish impression. Similarly, risk a low waist to give the jacket a disproportionately short impression.

Keep in mind the clearance. Get long jeans gives a lethargically impression. Go to the tailor or fold up. As always, it is important to adjust the width of the size pants shoes.

Select brown shoes over black. You can wear jeans to work, you can certainly wear even brown shoes. With jeans, however, Brown or dark blue is considered more suitable among the subtle sock colors.

When it comes to selecting shirt to cover is often the easiest option is also the best looking. A white shirt, Navy Blue Blazer and jeans is as simple as stylish combination.

Handkerchief is a great accessory to balance up the cover and at the same time raise the style level significantly.

Below are two options, a relatively uppklätt for the job and a slightly more casual.

Unlined jacket: j. lindeberg
Jeans Acne Max Strike (1400 USD, Solo)
White shirt: j. lindeberg, 1299 kr
Shoes Santoni (private)
Handkerchief Power (private)

Unlined jacket: j. lindeberg
Jeans Double-M (1700 kr, Solo)
Light blue shirt Alessandro Gherardi (private)
Shoes Santoni (private)
Handkerchief Amanda Christensen