Jawbone Extends Line Of Smart Bracelets With Up2 And Up4

Known for its bluetooth headsets and speakers, Jawbone has also caught up in recent years with a slice of the physical activity tracker market. They started in 2011 with the UP tracker, which received an update in 2013 in the shape of a smart bracelet, the UP24.Today the company has announced two new models in its line of fitness bracelets, the Up2 and Up4.

With a similar design to the UP24, the Up2 is a bit smaller and lighter than the model it is replacing, and also tracks steps, sleep patterns and comes with a smart alarm. The Jawbone ensures that it is water resistant (not waterproof, good to highlight) and abattery charge will let it run for up to a week. Just like the other bracelets, the Up2 can only be fully utilized with the help of the smartphone application.

For those who can spend a little more, Jawbone also announced the Up4, which has as its main feature an NFC sensor. It gives the wristband the option of being used as a credit card to make purchases at stores that offer the NFC payment option. This news, however, is restricted to American Express cards at least for now.

It is worth mentioning that Jawbone still sells activity trackers in two other price spectra: the Up Move, which is the cheapest of all costing $ 49 and is capable of calculating steps and walking distance, and Up3, which costs $ 179 and As well as being able to do everything that Up Up and Up2 can do, it also tracks heart rate and can offer better exercise options for the application.

With the two new smart wristbands announced today, Jawbone plans to squeeze even the fitness crawler market. Even though for now it is as still as a Netflix user on new series debut day.

The Jawbone Up2 is available in the USA as of today according to investtops.com, while the Jawbone Up4 only reaches stores between June and August of this year.