Jason Mackenzie, Vice President of HTC, Leaves The Taiwanese Ship after Twelve Years

In HTC don’t make for trouble lately. Economic outcomes that quarter-after-quarter show a company in decline and that does not seem to find the point of balance, the company exits in addition to. If a few days ago was Claude Zellweger who ceased to form part of the template of the manufacturer to join Google, now turn to your Vice President.

The announcement of the game has not come accompanied by any parallel incorporation, by which we can not know whether or not a signing by another company in the sector. In the case of Zellweger, we do know that joins Google in the team responsible for the development of DayDream VR, virtual reality, something similar to his previous post as it was responsible for design of the glasses live HTC. Jason Mackenzie leaves HTC without apparent destination.

Mackenzie after Zellweger and Chou

In 2016, in the middle of year, Peter Chou left equally HTC even though his position was far from having the responsibility of the current Executive Vice President of Mackenzie. Chou was at that time at the forefront of the new HTC products research laboratory and put an end to a period of 19 years within the company he helped create.

The case of Mackenzie is similar but not identical. Jason joined HTC in 2005 and successive promotions in the interior of the Taiwan manufacturer ended with occupying the position of President of HTC America, position that he held for two years until its passage to the international version of the company, being since then Executive Vice President of the same. Twelve years later, it lets HTC.

After 12 years, today is my last day @htc amazing. It was a great run & I feel blessed. Thank you Peter Chou, @cherwang, & TeamHTC.

— Jason Mackenzie (@JasonBMac24) January 31, 2017

By now we know only the announcement of the departure of Mackenzie, who has been made via his personal Twitter account. Not know if possible destination nor the own HTC has stated in this regard, although We assume that this output is consensual and the manufacturer already looking for a replacement that feel where Jason and part of the head of the company.

Many changes are the has deal with HTC in the year 2017. Adds to its trimmed list of releases for the year the future HTC Live Phone that we do not allow read vague information but that seem to confirm its existence. Consensual or not, the departure of Mackenzie will not help to maintain internal stability in the manufacturer.