It’s the End of the Line for MeAdiciona

The MeAdiciona, a site that aggregates links to social networks and other services on the network, surprising users to warn that terminate activities in ten days. According to the partner and founder of the service, Sampaio, the site was not being updated without receiving new features.

Users have little more than a week to remove MeAdiciona links that may use in subscription email or social networks like Twitter and Facebook. After the date, if the service is not sold to any firm interested in keeping it, it will be permanently disabled.

Internet users still use today MeAdiciona as link repository to other pages. For example, our Rafael Silva list editor on his page email addresses, social networks which is part and other blogs that write. Thus, when asked about his professional presence on the Internet, he has the option of passing the MeAdiciona profile. Simple and practical.

The founders of MeAdiciona were behind a viable business model and also investors, but without success. Sampaio said that the efforts of company, which currently leads have been provided for other products.

Still, the site remains in blue: the advertising via Google AdSense displayed on all pages cover maintenance costs “absurdly low” according businessman. There were more than 320,000 page views in August. By way of comparison, the our site recorded 2.3 million page views in the same period. In the whole of last year were 15 million page views in the address

There are some tools which orphans of MeAdiciona should use. The UOL Connects costs R $ 9.90 per month and allows you to add business information companies in the The Flavors. me offers the simplest service for free and the most complete for 20 dollars annually.

I am fan of and complete and with the certainty that will not close an hour to another, since it was bought by AOL (here’s my page).

Three people worked part-time in MeAdiciona until the service is stopped. Now, or is sold, or is discontinued. Sampaio says that some buyers emerged after the announcement of the end was made on the cover of the site.