Items That Can Not Miss in Your Bag

There are items that we can carry with us on the adventure and that will make a big difference in a few moments.


Polyhobbies lists some unusual items that you can carry with you and buy you some comfort in the hassles.

Duct Tape or Duct Tape

This is definitely one of the most valuable items to carry in your bag. You can do everything with her, to fix a hole in the tent even build a small boat. Sure bet!


How about drinking water straight from the source, without worrying about 99% of parasites that can cause you harm? I’ve tested this product and carry with me always traveling.

Paper clip

This is one of the best and lightest items that you can download. You can build a compass, hooks, open locks and create triggers.


This item is small and serves for various things. You can store water, build shelter, desalinate sea water, and of course, protect yourself from the rain.


This item is amazing, I bet you never imagined that it would be useful in an adventure. Filter water, planting, carry small items, fishing and dry foods are some of the functions of a pantyhose in the camp.

Solar power Kit

You can build a small solar power bank spending little money. Totally useful to load your devices with mobile phone, gps or VHF radio.

Birthday candles

You know those candles that never go off when it’s gone? Yes, they are perfect to make fire in rainy or windy days.

1 or 2 garbage bags

Garbage bags are large, sturdy and very useful at camp. You can collect rainwater, protect your clothes from the water, build shelter and even use as hot water shower (ask how in the comments).

Pocket saw

This list is dope! Perfect to assist in the construction of shelters and any other item where you need to cut a few branches.


If you don’t know, is a Paracord cord that holds a lot of weight, the chutes are made of this material. With very little space you have enough rope to build shelters, traps or perform any other type of cable or node that you need.

And you, do you have a special item that likes to carry on bag? Share here in the comments.