It Dominates your 5S iPhone with These Tricks

For many, the iPhone 5S has been the smartphone of the year. The truth is that it is no coincidence that the criticism has put of agreement: it is a great phone and comes with a lot of new features, as well as the colors of course.

Whenever a new phone comes out, it is convenient to explain all the tricks of iPhone 5S. They are complex objects and capitalize them takes time and practice, but we want it you put easy with a series of tricks for squeezing your new brand new iPhone.

Touch ID, security is on your finger

One of the great innovations of the iPhone 5S is Touch ID, or what is the same: a fingerprint sensor located in the round start button. Now, not only we can return to the main screen or unlock it, it is the lock to your mobile phone.

We can configure our iPhone 5S so that, when we pass the finger on the Start button, you recognize our footprint and we can unlock it. The configuration is very simple, is performed within the configuration section in the Security menu.

Once we have configured our footprint, when we turn the screen only have to put the finger on the button. Nothing to put PIN to access your iPhone back. If someone tries it, it may not do so in any way.

It is a security measure very witty that it will save much time in safety checks on the screen. This function is also used to buy applications in the App Store and not have to always put our password.

Camera, best quality and thinking on Instagram

If we look at the technical details of the 5S iPhone, it seems that nothing has changed in your camera. None of that, new sensor that comes with many new features that will allow us to take photographs of still higher quality.

It is worth testing with it and with the different modes of landscape and HDR to discover their full potential. In addition, also allows us to make square photos, thinking about apps like Instagram.

To retouch our images, we have a lot of apps in the App Store. Time ago we told you about some of them but Snapseed and Camera + are some of the fundamental.

How to activate the Emojis in 5S iPhone

We use them constantly in Whatsapp, but we use them in emails, and even when we put messages on our favorite social networks. The emojis, the most famous icons of smartphones, are more present than ever.

To activate them, we only have to go to settings, General, keyboard and add a new keyboard. Within this menu, select Emoji and already have it running on a specific button when we are typing text. Add a touch of colour to your messages.

Find my iPhone, should you lose it

It is a very common application when lose you, something which we hope will never pass. IPhone 5S have again the application find my iPhone If we lost it. Tell us which position is, and we can lock it.

The good thing is that thanks to TouchID fingerprint sensor we will have to worry about a little less since, if we have it enabled, nobody except us can use the phone. Any measure of security is low.

The importance of gestures

Even if you don’t have the iPad gestures to move between applications, iPhone 5S allows us the finger perform some special actions on applications. For example, in the mail application, you can delete post with just slide your finger to the left.

If we do the gesture upside down, we can see all our mail folders. In the calendar, we can also use gestures to move around the different months and appointments. Many possibilities that make us take a small screen but matona.

Leaves that Siri knows a little more than you

Siri was once one of the great innovations of iOS when they presented it. Now, in this new version, you want to know us better. For example, we can tell you who is our husband, our brother… Then, you only have to tell Siri: write to my brother.

We can also tell you where we live and work, when calculating routes make it the easy way. Very useful for coordinating our agenda and appointments.

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