Is Wearing Tight Jeans Unhealthy?

Tight jeans are so loved garment for women who want to emphasize the sculpted forms. In the last study, however, conducted by American scientists, comes out the bitter truth about the serious problems, which can cause wearing this garment.

“Syndrome tight jeans” – so the state is determined to keep that tight clothing. It is characterized by abdominal discomfort, bloating and heartburn due to wearing tight-fitting body and clothes.

Tight jeans hidden danger and legs, according to bittranslators. There may be tingling, numbness and pain, mostly in the upper thighs, where narrow pants are most limited.

Scientists say that prolonged wearing tight jeans, waist and bites in buttocks can lead to serious neurological problems. These tensions in the pelvis is even possible to increase the risk of multiple sclerosis.

For men there is also risk – too tight jeans pressed testicles and this can complicate the process of fertilization.

Experts recommend that people who are synonymous with this type of clothing to alternate wearing tight jeans days, where their body is clad in a free and comfortable skirts or pants. These symptoms decreased after about six weeks when wearing loose clothing.

Haute couture in turn always had a price. And despite frequent warnings from experts about the harmfulness of tight jeans, fashion designers that will soon cease to rely on the popular known in Bulgaria with the name – jeans, type of cigarette.

Naturally the list of clothes and accessories damaging and influencing health in some way, are not present only jeans. Secondly after them scientists indicate high shoes – they shifted the center of gravity and change posture.

This overstretch the spine, increases the risk of problems such as shortening of the Achilles tendon, heel pain in the joints of the big toes, corns, onychomycosis, and also traumatic incidents – sprains and fractures.

They are followed closely underwear, which cause irritation and even inflammation of the skin. It is believed that it it can lead to problems getting pregnant.