iPhone Users are the Most Loyal Customers!

Who are the most loyal mobile customers? Clearly you that have an iPhone! A market research company asked in a survey for the mobile phone customers who are most loyal to their mobile phone brand. Results of the survey: three out of four iPhone users buy a new smartphone back an iPhone – they are the most loyal mobile customers!

For the representative survey questioned the research firm of wireless data services (WDS) the 3,000 mobile phone users from the UK, Australia and the United States. This indicated 76 percent of those surveyed had an iPhone, to remain faithful to their mobile phone brand and when next buying of a Smartphone to opt again for an iPhone from Apple. It is according to the survey, the iPhone disciples are the most loyal mobile customers. They are most loyalsten their brand. Even if pretty good sounds, two and a half years ago was even more loyal iPhone customers, at that time still nine out of ten iPhone owners bought an iPhone himself again. The loyal mobile customers is the Samsung buyer right behind the iPhone fans: the poll 58 percent of them would decide when the mobile buying new again for a Samsung phone. On the third place, the fans from LG with 38 percent come, in the midfield are the buyer of the manufacturer Nokia and HTC phones.

Evil, however, it looks, if you look at the loyalty of Apple smartphones cell phone customers. Only 21 percent of cell phone customers would opt again for a BlackBerry phone, this is likely but is justified, that many owners of BlackBerry phones were afraid before the end of the group, long the circulating the various rumors on the net around as we continue with the Canadian smartphone maker.

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