Iphone, Galaxy, Xperia co.: the Most Popular Metal Smartphone

You hardly a device in everyday life similar to commonly used as the mobile phone. Intensive users it commutes several times a day between bag and hand over the years. The feel, feel so, should be so much contact. The trend is away from plastic: to metal, usually aluminum. The cool material acts nobly, many users consciously or unconsciously associate it with high quality. Our site shows the most popular smartphones, which have at least a metal frame.

Cool and chic: hot metal smartphones

Off licence will be

Lange, it was usual for many manufacturers to coat that they give the appearance of metal parts of the frame. Advantage: Plastic is cheap, lightweight and yet durable. You also have an easy time when sending and receiving in this device antennas. There are now many phones that have a frame made of real metal brushed, sanded or coated. So-called unibody from a block are machined one-piece metal rare. Examples of this are the HTC one and 5 S/iphone 6. The back of the equipment usually consists of plastic or glass.

Break at Samsung

Galaxy S4 and S5 Galaxy believe metal on the edge. With enough force, such as a fall, the coating flaking off and the plastic shows his face. At the a-class, there are also scratches, dents and dings, but the metal frame is real the Galaxy alpha was Samsung’s first device with this construction. The change has already taken place in the larger Phablets: while the Galaxy had a Kunstoffrahmen in the metal-look note 3 the Galaxy shines note 4 with a partly-coated aluminum frame and sharp-cut edge. Samsung’s Galaxy S6, S6 edge, note 5 and S6 edge, plus all follow a Designrezept: metal frame and glass front and rear. The a-class of 2016 makes use of these ingredients.

ALU legend

The first iphone was released in 2007 and already had an aluminium. 2010 caused with an unusual sound from today’s perspective unibody enclosure on the HTC HTC legend a sensation. Denied the Android Smartphone with the significant break but was a great success. Until early 2013 the breakthrough HTC with the elegant HTC one. The secret of success: The one at the time was the only modern Android Smartphone in the chic aluminum dress. Since then, the number rapidly increases such sound manufactured device. Huawei you get almost no plastic bomber (from a certain price level) more brilliant prospects for metal lovers.


Under 100 euros there is metal only where it is essential in the Interior. Who would not abandon metal, must apply for around 170 euros approximately 200 euros there is the Samsung Galaxy A3, which has now received a successor. Less than 200 euros there is also an iphone, however an outdated iphone 4S. The new product offered by dealers is to enjoy but with caution, finally Apple itself no longer provides the device the oldest model on the shelf there currently is the iphone 5S.

Overview: the best smartphones

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