iPhone 6s: Gel File Blueprints By Foxconn 12 MP Camera Indicate

iPhone 6s Gel File Blueprints By Foxconn 12 MP Camera Indicate

Camera upgrade for the iPhone 6s: is apparently that next Apple before pointing model equipped with a camera, MP offers a resolution of 12. In addition, it should support video recordings in 4 K and enable slow motion shots with 240 frames per second.

This emanates from construction sketches, supposedly coming from an employee of Foxconn, reported GSMArena. This have released the images via the social network of Weibo — and then deleted them. Also the front-facing camera to provide MP better resolution 6 and the iPhone 6 5 than even the iPhone plus. For the main camera, this would be the first upgrade in the resolution for a long time – since the iPhone 4S have all cameras on the back of the iPhones resolution of 8 MP.

Has Mass Production Already Started?

That the leak comes at this stage by Foxconn, increases the likelihood that it corresponds to the facts: until recently, it had said that Apple mass production would start the iPhone 6 s in July. To avoid bottlenecks on the release of the iPhone 6 successor in September, Apple would have to actually now begin preparing.

On July 1, images of the iPhone had reached the first time 6 s case to the public. This revealed among other things that Apple has probably made no major changes compared to its predecessor in relation to the design. Also, it says that a new chip from Qualcomm is fitted in the Smartphone. This will allow twice as fast download speeds with LTE as the chip installed in the predecessor. The main feature of the iPhone 6s is expected to be the display: this is to use the so-called force-touch technology, allows the inputs with different pressure.