iPhone 6s: Force Touch Can Be Used For Camera Control

Easier iPhone 6 s: switch between camera modes with the force-touch technology is attributed to the new Smartphone von Apple for quite some time. The display technology is sensitive to input and thus new possibilities for the operation – including for the camera app.

So it should be possible, for example iPhone 6s with the, to shoot photos during video recording reported 9to5Mac, citing the report of a Foxconn employee. It is also conceivable that can be changed via force touch easily between video and photo mode. As a result the main camera of smartphones would enhanced with practical functions, allegedly with 12 MP resolves and ought to do both 4K-Videos and slow-motion shots with 240 frames per second.

iPhone 6s Force Touch Can Be Used For Camera Control

Pink White Version Planned?

The same report should mention a new color version, which would introduce Apple with the iPhone 6 s. Therefore, the successor to the iPhone 6 not only in grey, gold and silver will be available, but also in a version with a pink back and white front. This Apple with its new smartphone would not only on chip building put the Apple watch, but take over an Apple watch Edition model design.

There is also talk that the speed is to be increased by touch ID by up to 30 percent. This identification via fingerprint within less than one second would be possible. That touch ID should be improved in the iPhone 6 s, rumors had predicted – but less specific than the current report end of June.