Introduction to Diamond Jewellery

The diamond, the king of the gemstones, it sparkles and shines like no other in the world. Most likely it is in white and flawless quality. It is the hardest and most precious stone in the world. The diamond is also said to have healing properties. It can help eliminate impurities in coronary arteries as well as on kidneys and also be considered to be guardians of the clear thought. Most important for the quality assessment of the diamond are 4C’s carat weight, clarity = clarity, color = color, cut = cut.


Diamond jewelry

So you get where to pay for you, buy diamond jewelry only at a renowned, certified dealer. Diamonds are a valuable investment.

The most important part of the diamond is the cut, because only if this is very good and stole it. There are following gradations: excellent, very good, good, medium, unusual. At the purity clarity is as follows, the flawless is the rarest and most expensive, that’s why a hooped diamond is still beautiful. The gradations are as follows with 10 cores per enlargement: LP = flawless = internally flawless = IF, VVS = very, very, small inclusion = very, very, small, inclusion, VS = very, small inclusion = very small, inclusion SI = small inclusion = small inclusion P1 = 1.Piquee = with the eye visible inclusions P2 = 2.Piquee with the eye easily visible inclusion P3 = 3.Piquee clearly visible with the eye including.

When color behaves as follows, the colorless is the rarest, therefore a yellow diamond is still beautifully just simply not that rare. The steps are as follows with northern lights: D = colorless + = very fine White = River, very fine = E = colorless White River =, F = fine white = almost colorless Top Wesselton + =, G = Fitness Top Wesselton = white = TW, Wesselton = H = white, I Light Tinted = white = top crystal

Color grade:

River +                      (D)                           Exceptional white +.

River                          (IS)                          Exceptional White

Top Wesselton+     (F)                           Fine white +

Top Wesselton        (G)                           Fine white

Wesselton                 (H)                           White

Top Crystal >           (I-J)                         Slightly tinted white

Crystal                       (K-L)                        Tinted white

Top Cape                  (M-N)                       Toned 1

Cape                           (O)                             Toned 2

Light yellow            (P-Y)                          Toned 3

Yellow                       (Z)                              Toned 4

You’ll find largest solitaire selection here, even if you are looking for a diamond just not in stock see no matter whether 1.00 ct or 20.00 ct in each ground form and kind, purity and color always at the best price. Of course, you can give also sell your diamonds in payment.


Diamond solitaire

If you have found nothing in large brilliant diamond solitaire selection, ask customer service.

Diamond rings made of gold, Platinum or silver-1

Diamond solitaire ring, whether in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium with 4-6-8 prong setting, frame are provided. Your inherited gold jewelry is offered too.

And from the variety of the above criteria now, the price of each individual diamonds together if you the best color of D, the best purity flawless and the best cut and proportion go out, you pull off any lower quality a percentage, and of course, the size of the diamonds is crucial, because the bigger it is all the more rare and it is more expensive. So you can buy a karat brown P4 medium touches for Euro 500-or the best, a 1,000ct karat flawless cut and proportion excellent for 20.000.-euro currently. Both have one thing in common: they are natural and unique.


Diamond earrings

Here you will find also simple diamond earrings, diamond stud earrings or diamond pendant. You can buy diamond jewelry directly at the source here. Thus you will sace up to 50% online without wholesale trade, easy and cheap


Diamond stud earrings

The classic of all jewelry is also on the ear of the solitaire, the most important thing about jewelry is the glitter first, then the design, then the precious metal, but without glitter without the whole jewelry is worthless, therefore the diamond stud earrings are the No. 1 in the ear plugs. It is the classic among the diamond earrings and ear plugs.

Diamond rings made of gold, Platinum or silver-2