Interest in Cycling

Bike culture: Artist Petter is since many years a well known name in the cottages across the country. He have a passion for music in General and rapen in particular has not passed any by. But how was born the cycle interest?

I want to tell you about my first real bike, and how I came to start love cycling. If you were born in the 70 ‘s that I can relate to how difficult it was, with influences from the United States.

We had the channel 1 and channel 2 and the most similar advertising was the bulletin board where you became informed about the importance of not drinking on the lake or how important it was, with a working smoke alarm at home. Popular culture was felt mostly at the movies where you could see exotic commercials like Bounty or Juicy Fruit in addition to the movie itself.

I saw many important films that young that put deep grooves in my personal development. It was, above all, Beat Street, Breakdance and the movie Purple Rain. Of those films, one can say that the fundamental foundations of my taste in music, but another film which also came to play a big role for me was E.T.

– The most similar advertising was the bulletin board where you became informed about the importance of not drinking on the lake or how important it was, with a working smoke alarm at home.


At Cyclingenthusiasm, it was not too often that a product was launched along with a blockbuster to video, but in this case released a BMX bike of the kind that existed in the movie itself. No one has forgotten the legendary scene when the protagonist bikes with E.T. in trash in front of the moon.

At this time, I had a rather bumpy old bicycle with a classic 70-talslimpa. I was probably a mixture of little brother from Karlsson on the roof and the guy in Roy Andersson’s a love story. At this time still had the loaf high status as a saddle and preferably in combination with a chopperliknande rule. One can safely say that when E.T.-the bike came flying’s cool unit factor out the window.

I wanted a BMX!

At this time I rode a lot in the Park around the White Mountains and Kids meadow on Södermalm. My big brother who was my idol was also very energetic when it came to fixing things. I never asked any questions about how we all of a sudden had a moviebox (a VHS tape drives you really could just rent) or where the video game from Atari came from.

My parents loathed everything that had with America or its culture, so everything I just mentioned above, arranged my big brother on her own. A short while, he whacked an E-bike. When I saw it at home I almost died, but at the same time my brother explained that it was only a card replacement and that he would soon get rid of it.

The bike was Burgundy with light weight, had relatively narrow tires and was simply just sick cool. Just like in the movie. I felt just like Elliot when I burned down skånegatan on Södermalm. I cried rivers when my brother did away with the bike and I was telling my mom that there was nothing else in the world I wanted on my 9th birthday on May 25.

My memory fails me sometimes but I remember very clearly how I birthday stepped into my boy’s room and saw two big black on a Dub mission deck under a black blanket. My brother pulled off the blanket and under it was my first big bike love. A metallicgrön Peugeot BMX, thicker frame, thicker tires, fat cushioned ramskydd on both the frame and at the handlebars. It was heavy as hell and stodgy.

My brother said it was cooler than an E.T.-cycle and that there was a real mountain biking.I love my big brother because he hustlade out that the bike because I immediately understood that it was his merit that it was there on my birthday. After that, I was the King of the children’s Meadow and biked everywhere with my Green bike.

We built off-road tracks down at the construction site in Hammarbyhamnen before all houses were built. I think everyone remembers their first real bike. This brought my first feelings for cycling seriously and it was with this bike I came to develop. It was a faithful companion throughout my childhood.